24 Hours in Houston: The Perfect Mix of Business, Play, and Foodie Heaven

Houston, we have 24 hours! My love affair with Houston began after a business conference that I attended, and I knew this was where I wanted to live next! This city is the perfect mix of business, play, and what I would also consider a foodie heaven! 24 hours in Houston, will make you want to extend it to 48 hours (I have done that a few times myself), however since we only have 24 hours, these are the places you must visit to tickle your work and food palate.

Post up at a Trendy Cafe Bakery to Set The Tone for the Day

As soon as you touch down in Houston, you have to hit the ground running to fit all of this in and a great place to get the fuel you need for the day is at Tout Suite in East Downtown Houston. This dynamic bakery/cafe has some of the best, from scratch, pastries, breakfast, coffees, and sweets! In addition, they have tons of work space and outlets for you to charge your electronics and begin planning out your day. If you love macaroons, they have some of the best and I would highly recommend grabbing a few to get you through your day.


Check into Your Room at Hotel Zaza

Although it will be hard to leave Tout Suite, it’s time to check into your room at Hotel Zaza, located in the Museum District. Extraordinary design plus luxury perfectly describes this boutique hotel. The views from your room and countless amenities may force you to make this home for longer than 24 hours.


Stop in to See The Menil Collection

Since you are already in the Museum District it only make sense to check out the world’s greatest private art collection, the esteemed Menil Collection. It’s 100% free to visit this campus and be sure to check their website for special events and exhibits that will be featured during your time in Houston.


Enjoy an South African Lunch at Peli Peli

If you are looking to experience lunch at one of the top 10 restaurants in Houston, that has been featured on Food Network and more, then you are in for a treat at this South African restaurant, Peli Peli. The bold flavors and affordable prices makes for the perfect lunch experience.

Get a Little Exercise in While You Cool Off

Another great thing about Peli Peli, is that is located outside of the 7th largest mall in the country, The Galleria. After lunch, you can hop right into the mall and grab any items you may have forgot to pack and then go for a quick skate at their indoor ice skating rink to cool down and burn off a few calories at the same time.


Grab a Drink and a Fun Picture

If you love bright, colors and picturesque drinks then Present Company will be your favorite new location to visit in Houston. The yummy drinks that come in La Croix and even Campbell Soup cans are beyond picture worthy! If it’s a Tuesday night, you are in luck as it is Steak Night! On steak night you can get a 14 oz ribeye and loaded baked potato for $15.95! Such a steal!



Wind Down in a Hammock

The perfect way to end your day in Houston is with a cold beer or cocktail, while listening to live music and swinging in a hammock at Axelrad! This extremely popular beer garden, exudes energy and the feeling of relaxation at the same time. If you did not take advantage of steak night, you can grab a yummy pizza from the in-house pizza spot.