Peace of mind for busy professionals.

Hit the road, take the in-person meeting, close the deal, rack up rewards. We built a business travel and expense tool that works so well, you’ll never have to think about it.

Focus on the destination, not the planning.

TravelBank is a faster, easier way for busy professionals to book flights and hotels and report expenses along the way.

An all-in-one experience that puts you first.

Iphone Product Features
  • Enjoy 24/7/365 chat, phone, and email concierge support
  • Get flexibility to pick the perfect flight while racking up your airline loyalty points
  • Earn rewards for personal use when you beat the average cost
  • Ditch the paper receipts – sync your credit card or snap a pic and we’ll fill in the rest
  • Stay at an Airbnb, hotel, or friend’s place – you decide

Reviews from business travelers

  • “Simple travel bookings and budgeting in a clean, clutter-free interface. All enterprise software should be like this.“
    Lyle F.
  • “Customer service is Top 1% - everyone I've interacted with from Connor to the rest of the travel team has been responsive and rewarding.“
    Davis N.
  • “The rewards are the best thing about it. I think it is great that it rewards people and companies for using money wisely.“
    Verified Capterra Review

Answers to your questions.

What flight and hotel inventory does TravelBank carry?

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TravelBank works with various Providers and Suppliers to make sure we can offer unique inventory to our users – over 200 airlines, half a million hotels, and homesharing (like Airbnb), all competitive to anything else you can find online or through other travel agents.

As a fully ARC/IATA-accredited TMC, TravelBank is the agent of record for all booking and ticketing. This means you’ll directly access our world-class support team, rather than get handed off to a third-party.

Does my entire company have to use TravelBank?

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Nope. There are certainly perks of having your entire company onboard, like 24-hour reimbursement, but anyone can sign up on their own.

After you create an account with your work email, which gains you access to exclusive corporate travel rates, you can use the app to book travel and manage expenses (take advantage of our free automated PDF expense report creation!). To make submitting your office and travel expenses easy, we let you email a formatted PDF of the expense report directly to yourself and your manager.

When you’re ready to recommend TravelBank to your team, let us know!

What are TravelBank Rewards, and who funds them?

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Using a proprietary algorithm, our real-time pricing data calculates an average fare for each hotel. When Rewards are turned on, the average fare is displayed as the price to beat in order to earn Rewards. By booking travel under the average fare, you earn TravelBank Rewards.

Rewards are funded by your company. If your flight or lodging budget is $300, and you spend $200, you gain $50 in TravelBank Rewards for making a smart decision, and your company saves the other $50.

Redeem TravelBank Rewards with Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, Amazon.com gift cards, Starbucks, Nordstrom, charitable organizations, and many more.

Where can I find additional reviews from employees like myself?

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Full Blue Star Full Blue Star Full Blue Star Full Blue Star Full Blue Star
G2Crowd 4.6/5
Full Blue Star Full Blue Star Full Blue Star Full Blue Star Half Blue Star
App Store 4.6/5
Full Blue Star Full Blue Star Full Blue Star Full Blue Star Half Blue Star
Full Blue Star Full Blue Star Full Blue Star Full Blue Star Half Blue Star

How much does it cost?

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Travel and expense reports are costly, that’s why TravelBank offers affordable and transparent pricing for you and your company, including agent support and travel, expense, and card management software on a single platform. See our current pricing to learn more.

If your company chooses to reimburse your expense reports through TravelBank, we charge a nominal fee of $1 per reimbursement.

Can I book an Airbnb or stay with a friend when I'm traveling for work?

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Yes! Alternative Lodging is a new feature that incentivizes you to book and expense sharing economy options, such as Airbnb, when you travel for work. Since homeshare rentals are often less expensive than mainstream hotels, considering these properties creates a whole new way to earn more TravelBank Rewards and enhance your travel experience. You’ll also have the option to indicate if you are staying with a friend or family, increasing your TravelBank Rewards earning potential (if enabled by your company).

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Our algorithm combines average trip prices in the area you’re visiting during the dates you’re there.
TravelBank will never share your personal data.
“It's quick, it's easy, it’s painless. When you book travel, it automatically creates an expense, which is incredible.”
— — Zack Blum, Senior Manager of Customer Operations, OnRamp

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