Solutions for Accountants

Record, maintain, and report on company spend with ease.

Inefficient expense management can slow you down, creating a stressful end to your month. TravelBank makes expense, travel, and card management and reporting simple.

With TravelBank, you can expect to:

  • Predict end of month spend with an accurate financial dashboard
  • Have simple onboarding and minimal maintenance – we live by a set it and forget it mentality
  • Integrate TravelBank with your current accounting systems
  • Enjoy transparent, cost-effective pricing
Compliance & Approvals
Create one-tap approvals and travel policies to track baseline spend that fits your business needs, and guide your teams to stay on budget.
Detailed Reporting
Gain access to a customizable reporting dashboard, allowing you to pull the documents you need for stakeholder meetings.
Fast Reconciliation
Eliminate the headache at month's close and settle your books efficiently with a streamlined reconciliation process that takes seconds.

Oversee Transactions

Sync any corporate card and track each transaction status. We’ll tell you whether transactions have been submitted, approved, or reimbursed, allowing you to focus on immediate financial issues.

When the time comes, our receipt capture pre-fills information so your employees can simply double-check the data and hit ‘submit’.

Manage Your Cash Flow

Implement custom expense fields to enable granular expense analysis, instantly create virtual cards with set budgets and expiration dates, and utilize policy controls and approvals that allow you to automate and track business spend.

Mitigate Risk

Distributing your data across multiple apps? TravelBank keeps your company’s finances and card, expense, and bookings data more secure in one place.

Our enterprise-grade security systems protect against unauthorized transactions and safeguard your company’s sensitive information.

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