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Travel & expenses, managed in one place

A user-first system that keeps your whole team on the same page. TravelBank is a smarter way to book travel, approve trips from anywhere, and report expenses.

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Leverage Negotiated Rates

Up to 30% savings. We lock in competitive rates with hundreds of travel partners, typically reserved for large corporate travel programs.
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24/7 Support

Sound too good to be true? It isn’t. With TravelBank you can always count on 24/7 person-to-person travel support at no additional cost.
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Rewards as Perks

Money is tight, paying for catered lunches is not. Give your employees the perk of Rewards for personal use when they save money.
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TravelBank integrates with software you’re already using to keep your business running smoothly. Bonus: our partnership with Brex awards you 4x Brex Rewards points when you book travel using your Brex card.

  • “TravelBank makes the travelers' experience as simple as possible, without sacrificing anything on the admin side.
    Michael Ashkar, Iterable, Senior Payroll and GL Accountant
  • “Super fast to set up and easy and intuitive to use. I like how quick and seamless it is to make bookings and log expenses in the app.
    Jeremy Y., G2
  • “This app allows the Finance Team to quickly audit expense reports. Very user friendly and I love the travel options.
    Arthur G., G2
  • “TravelBank can predict what employees should be spending on trips, help them file their expenses, and even give them cash rewards.
    User Review, Techcrunch
  • “Users are saying it cuts down 30 to 45 minutes of their time to book travel and submit for reimbursement.
    Neal, Sonacare Medical, VP of Finance
  • “TravelBank: 50% cheaper all-in-one travel and expense tool. Simplifies office travel booking and expense tracking for remote teams.
    Olivier Labbé ,, President
  • “TravelBank is fast, easy, and accurate.
    John Bailey, Falkonry
  • “Makes booking flights and hotels a breeze! And you're rewarded for saving the company money. Reimbursements also go through fast!
    Robert A., G2, Freelance Direct Response Copywriter
  • “TravelBank knows my company policy and prompts me as I'm looking at flight or hotel costs. It saves me so much time.
    Debby T., G2, CX Specialist
  • “Having everything in one location makes the whole experience easy. Compared to other services that I've used, this has been so simple.
    Cody N., G2, Compliance Manager
  • “TravelBank incentivizes employees to save T&E budget. They book Airbnbs or stay with friends to cut costs. Penny saved is penny earned.
    Evan L., G2, CEO
  • “The chat function is super helpful – I don't need to sit on hold for a phone call to ask a question about my reservation.
    Verified in Consumer Goods, G2
  • “TravelBank simplifies flight selection for remote employees. No more scheduling hassles or guesswork for event managers like me.
    Verified User, G2
  • “Effortless travel & expense platform for employees. Easy to manage and customize for admins. TravelBank meets our business needs.
    Verified User , G2
  • “TravelBank makes managing expenses and monthly spend a no-sweat experience. You would not dread end-of-the-month accounting updates.
    Shellane G., G2, Executive Admin Assistant

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Companies who use TravelBank save an average of 25% on their travel and expense program.*

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Answers to your questions.

What flight and hotel inventory does TravelBank carry?

TravelBank works with various providers and suppliers to make sure we can offer unique inventory to our users.

When you book with TravelBank, you get access to over 200 airlines, and 1 million hotels, all competitive to anything else you can find online or through other travel agents.

As a fully accredited travel management company, TravelBank is the agent of record for all booking and ticketing. This means you get direct access to our world-class customer support team and travel agents, rather than get handed off to a third-party.

What kind of travel support does TravelBank offer?

Can we take advantage of negotiated corporate rates?

How do TravelBank Rewards work?

Where can I learn about TravelBank's software integration partners?

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By providing your email address you are agreeing to receive marketing related communications from TravelBank, an affiliate of U.S. Bank. You may change your marketing preferences at any time by updating your email preferences
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