February 2024

Recently Scanned Receipt Filter

Users can apply a “Recently Scanned” filter on the Expenses & Transactions page to view a list of their scanned receipts from the past four weeks, making it easier for them to find, complete, and submit their receipts.

A screenshot of selecting the Recently Scanned Filter in TravelBank.

Account G/L (External Account ID) Column on Transaction Report

Admins and Finance users can add the “Account G/L” column to the Transactions Export report, removing the need to reference the expense report for this data and allowing them to reconcile their corporate card faster.

Transaction Export settings screenshot in TravelBank.

Hotel Filters on Android

Travelers using the Android app see an improved filter display along with the ability to refine their hotel search results by applying filters for chain, brand level, and individual hotels as well as amenities available, making it easier to isolate their ideal preferences.

A mobile app showing a map and a location.

Hotel Grouping

Travelers using the Android app see an improved filter display along with the ability to refine their hotel search results by applying filters for chain, brand level, and individual hotels as well as amenities available, making it easier to isolate their ideal preferences.

A screenshot of the map view in TravelBank showing hotels in Los Angeles.

January 2024

Receipt Scanning Enhancements: Receipts that are uploaded into TravelBank via the web or Android app automatically generate a new expense, which populates with data read from the receipt, making it easier than ever to complete your expenses while reducing errors from manual entry. With these enhancements, you can now:

  • Quickly drag and drop up to 10 receipts at a time on the web app.
  • Capture 3 receipts with a single snap on Android.
  • Conveniently forward receipts via email to receipts@travelbank.com.
  • Extract critical data automatically, including date, merchant name, transaction amount, invoice number, and tip amount.
  • Scan a variety of document types in different languages and currencies, making our new technology a great fit for today’s global business needs.

Available for Paid Expense users only. iOS will be a fast follow.

A screen shot of a receipt upload screen in the TravelBank web app which allows up to 10 receipts to be uploaded at one time.

Users can drag and drop up to 10 receipts at a time. Critical data will be automatically extracted, including date, merchant name, transaction amount (in any currency), invoice number, and tips.

Hotel Map View Enhancements: Travelers gain a more comprehensive and visually intuitive way to explore hotel options with the flexibility to choose their view as a list or combined map and list. Additionally, they can view rooms within the map view.

The hotel selection map view in TravelBank which also shows the ability to view rooms.

Cardholder Demographic Updates: Commercial Rewards Card admin users can add additional fields to the employee’s profile, which include their phone number, organization name, activation code, and card nickname, enhancing the card creation and management experience. The relevant details also populate to the card preview image.

Available for Commercial Rewards Card users only.

December 2023

Flight Modifications Expanded to All Airlines: Previously released for United, Lufthansa, and American Airlines, travelers booking all other airlines save time with the ability to self-modify flight reservations. (Available on Android and web, with our iOS coming soon.)

A screenshot of the booking page for a flight change.

Preferred and Premium Seats for Select Airlines on Android: Travelers using the Android app can book preferred and premium paid seats for United, American Airlines, and Lufthansa Group, eliminating the extra step required to contact an agent. (This feature is already available in our desktop application, with iOS coming soon.)

Book Hotel Special Rates:
Specialty rates, such as AAA, AARP, Senior, and Government, are displayed under the hotel room, trip card, and email details, providing travelers more options to optimize their travel preferences. Available on the desktop and Android applications. (Email support@travelbank.com or contact your Customer Success Manager to activate this feature.)

A screen shot of a booking page for a hotel and booking the government rate.


Enhanced Hotel Filters at the Room Level: Travelers are able to refine their hotel search results at the room level using filters based on loyalty status, rewards program, cancellation policy, and rate types, making it easier for them to isolate their ideal preferences.

A screen shot of a booking page on a website based on hotel loyalty.

New Hotel Card Design: Travelers can see the hotel card redesigned within their search results.

A hotel search card in TravelBank.

Multiple Receipts to One Expense Enhancement: iOS app users are able to bulk delete attachments found within a single expense, making it easier to edit and manage expenses. (This feature is already available on Android.)


20 Department Limit: To improve the user experience, employees can only be assigned to a maximum of 20 departments by admins.


Block or Unblock Employees from Auto-Joining: Admins can block or unblock auto-joining of users to their organization, giving them more flexibility on how they manage their organization. When enabled, users with a organization’s email domain are unable to automatically join the account when they sign up for TravelBank.

Configuration in TravelBank to control join settings.

November 2023

Attach Multiple Receipts to One Expense: Users can manage receipts more efficiently with the ability to upload up to 10 receipts at a time to a single expense, including PDF files which contain multiple images. Once uploaded, they can easily click through each receipt to view details or delete as needed. Available on web, Android, and iOS.

A screen showing the multiple receipt workflow in the create new expense screen.

My Cards & Card Details Redesign on Android:
The My Cards page in our Android mobile app has been redesigned to be more user-friendly. Employees are able to visually distinguish between corporate and personal cards and gain easy access to their corporate card details. With a simple tap of each card displayed, employees can view and filter their transaction history. Everyday actions including merging expenses, assigning transactions to an existing report, creating a new report, and restoring deleted transactions can be performed from the new card details page. (iOS will be released early next year.) Learn how to use the My Cards features on Android.

Two iphone screens showing a users list of cards in the TravelBank mobile app

View Split Summary:
Employees and users who are assigned as an approver gain an improved view of each expense split without the extra clicks in our web app. Split summary details are immediately viewable including Amount, Category, Department, and two Custom Fields. The ability to expand or collapse each expense helps with overall readability. This feature requires Splits to be activated on your account. (Contact your CSM or email success@travelbank.com to activate this feature.) Learn how to use the split summary view.

A screenshot of Splits, with a breakdown of a transaction.


Hotel Filters: Travelers are able to refine their hotel search results by applying filters for hotel chain, brand level and individual hotels, and amenities, making it easier for them to isolate their ideal preferences.

A screen shot of a hotel booking page with new hotel filters.


Travel Custom Text Fields: Gather more granular details to optimize reporting, such as creating tags for cost centers or an out of policy reason code with custom travel fields. Admins have the flexibility to create custom fields either as a dropdown or an open text field, which can then be marked as optional or required. Learn how to set up a travel custom field.

Screenshot of custom field manager in TravelBank.

October 2023

Expanded Volume Capacity for Custom Fields: Organizations that have a large quantity of Custom Field options can view up to 15 options on a list and have the ability to search for fields that surpass that quantity in our web app. On mobile, users can view up to 10 options, while those with more fields are presented with the five most recent options selected and the ability to search. On desktop, admins can also easily search or scroll the fields as they add or edit options.

A screenshot of a custom field in a mobile and desktop app.

Activity Log Section in Expense Report PDF:
Previously displayed as Comments in the expense report PDF, the new Activity Log area provides more details on activities related to the report–including comments and approvals–improving overall visibility of actions taken.

Travelbank activity log report.

Expense Policy on Expense & Transaction Report:
An employee’s assigned expense policy can be included as a new data column when exporting expenses from Company Settings > Expenses > Expense Export and when exporting transactions from Manage > Transactions > Export, giving admins more visibility.

A screenshot of the column configurations screen.

Split Details on Transaction Report:
Organizations with Splits enabled have a more streamlined reconciliation experience with the ability to view split-related data on the transaction report. Data includes Split Department, Category, and Custom Fields, Split Amount (USD), and Split Amount (FX/Foreign Exchange).

A table showing the amount of a transaction broken down into split amounts.

Approved By Name
Column in Expense Report:
Admins are able to quickly see who approved an expense within a new “Approved By Name” column in an expense report to aid in faster follow up if needed.

Increased Discounts for Hotels: Users booking on mobile get an additional 3-5% discount on select hotels. Additionally, users now have access to additional exclusive rates on select hotel chains, which add a 12-15% discount when booking on mobile or desktop.

Modify Flight Bookings for Select Airlines on iOS: Travelers using the iOS app save time with the ability to self-modify United, American Airlines, and Lufthansa Group flight reservations. (Web and Android modifications were released last month.)

A screenshot of the TravelBank flight booking app on a phone.

September 2023

Manage Expense Categories: All organizations on a basic (free) plan can now add and edit categories in-app, giving admins greater control of their Expense settings.

Save Export Configuration for Expense and Transactions: The export configuration is automatically saved for future use when exporting expenses from Company Settings > Expenses > Expense Export and when exporting transactions from Manage > Transactions > Export.

Reassign Transactions & Cards: When reassigning a corporate card, admins have the option to reassign transactions that have been assigned to the previous expense assignee as well, giving them greater flexibility in card management.

Reassign Transactions and Cards

Remove Closed Cards: Closed corporate cards are automatically removed from TravelBank after 14 days from the closed date, at which point it will no longer be visible on both the Card Management and the employee’s My Cards pages. Transactions that come in under a closed card will still be added to TravelBank for the employee to expense.

Accessibility Audit and Updates for Web: We’ve conducted an accessibility audit and update throughout the product to ensure that TravelBank can be enjoyed by everyone. First off, you’ll notice our signature blue shade shifting to be a brighter higher contrast blue. As we continue to roll out these changes, our users will see an improved experience with our web application.

More Lufthansa Group Airlines Fares Available: Travelers are able to view and book more fares from Lufthansa, including its joint venture airlines–Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Air Dolomiti S.p.A Linee Aeree Regionali Europee, Austrian Airlines AG, Brussels Airlines S.A./N.V., Eurowings Discover, Eurowings GmbH, and Swiss International Air Lines Ltd.

Modify Flight Bookings for Select Airlines: Travelers will save time with the ability to self-modify United, American Airlines, and Lufthansa Group flight reservations in the web and Android app. (iOS will be a fast follow.)

Preferred and Premium Seats for Select Airlines: Travelers are able to select all seat options, including paid seats, directly within the TravelBank app for United, American Airlines, and Lufthansa Group, eliminating the extra step required to contact an agent.

paid seat view in TravelBank app

NDC unlocked better rates and more fare options, including paid seats, for customers.

Department Field on Expense Details: For organizations who have Splits enabled, a Department field is available on the expense details page, allowing users to quickly add a department without needing to split an expense.

Add department field on expense details.


August 2023

Resync Expense Reports to NetSuite: Expense reports in queue automatically resync to NetSuite. Additionally, a new button ‘Sync to GL’ is available on the Manage > Expense Reports page to manually sync reports that are ready to be synced.

Plans and Pricing Page: In Company Settings, there is a new menu option ‘Plans and Pricing’. Customers can now easily compare product plans and request an upgrade to their plan from within the app.

Drag and Drop for Receipts on Web: Simply select your receipt image, drag it into the receipt area for your expense, and it automatically gets added—making the entire process faster and more efficient.

July 2023

Delegate Approvals Tracked in Activity Log: When a delegate approves an expense report on behalf of another manager or admin, the action will be logged in the activity log of that expense report.

Upgrade Your Account From the App: Information about our plans and pricing have been added to the app. Now, customers can compare plans and request an upgrade to their TravelBank plan from within the app by navigating to company settings.

June 2023

Session Continuity for Delegate Users: When a delegated user’s session ends, they will be shown a prompt and returned to their prior session instead of being logged out.

Require Splits by Category: Some expense categories may require splits (allocations). Admin can set splits to “required” based on expense category, within Company Settings on the web app. Once the settings are saved, enforcement of the settings will reflect across web, Android, and iOS.

Automatically Submitted Authentication Codes: When a user enters or pastes a multi-factor authentication (MFA) code in its entirety, the code will be automatically submitted to expedite the login experience.

Backup Option for Linking Reimbursement Account: For users that are unable to use the automated process for linking reimbursement accounts, a backup form option will be available on the web app.

Receipt Images on Expense Export PDF are Ordered Consistently: The scanned receipt images on your expense export PDFs are now ordered consistently with the ordering of your line items.

Signup and Login Enhancements to Android and iOS apps: Signup and login flow are differentiated as separate flows, and helpful error messages will guide users when there are validation issues such as password complexity requirements or the email entered does not match.


May 2023

Book with Flight Credits on Android: Travelers can now apply their unused flight credits when booking travel in the Android app. Our agents will process requests to book with unused flight credits, and send a confirmation to the traveler when the booking is finalized or reach out to them in case of fare changes or if additional details are needed.

Additional Fields on Flight Confirmation Emails: Travelers can now view additional fields on the flight confirmation emails, including “cabin class,” “rate type,” and “operated by.”

Enhancements to Expense Allocation (Splits) on Web*:

  • Splits must be unique – When users split their expenses, one or more of the following must be unique: department, category, custom field(s). If they are not, an error message will direct users to make the necessary corrections.
  • All split fields are visible by default – When users split their expenses, all the fields will be visible by default. Optionally, the user can hide the fields by clicking on the arrow button to collapse the accordion.
  • Split amount automatically updated – The split amount will automatically update when the split percentage is populated and the total expense amount is modified. For example if the total expense amount is $60, and split 1 is 50% ($30.00) and split 2 is 50% ($30.00), but the user changes the total expense amount to $100.00 then split 1 will automatically adjust to $50.00, and split 2 will automatically adjust to $50.00.
  • Expense scrolling on page – To improve the user experience, scrolling expense will be on page, rather than within each component.

*Enabled for organizations upon request from an organization admin user.


Session Timeout Notification on Web: Users are now notified when their session is about to timeout on the web app.

Bulk Assign Expenses to an Expense Report on Android: Users can add multiple expenses to a report with the click of a button. Select multiple expenses, click the Assign button, and select one of your active expense reports from the dropdown on our Android app.

Export Account/GL Code (External Account ID) from Expense Export: Admin users can now export ‘Account/GL Code (External Account ID)’ as a column from the Expense Export page (Company Settings > Expenses > Expense Export).

Specify Employee’s Primary Department from Import Employees: Admin users can now specify an employee’s ‘Primary Department’ in a CSV file when they import employees from Employee Directory page (Company Settings > Employees > Employee Directory).


April 2023

Department Custom Fields: Admin can now  edit department custom fields from Company Settings. Simply navigate to Company Settings > Employees > Departments.

Export Expense Report Includes Department External ID: When admin export an Expense Export on web, the report will include Department ID making it easier to complete back office functions or integrations.

Backup Option for Linking Reimbursement Accounts: Users who are unable to link their reimbursement account through the automated process can link their account with a backup option on the web app.

Flight Amenities Redesign: The flights booking page on the TravelBank web app has been updated to display more amenities and ticketing attributes so that users could take informed decisions while booking a flight.

Adding Billing Code in Car Rentals: Admin can set up a direct billing with their car rental agencies within the TravelBank web app. To allow your employees to book car rentals with direct billing on the app, admin will need to add a field for billing code within Company Settings > Travel. The first version of this feature will support billing codes for Enterprise, National and Avis.

Multi-Factor Authentication: When users log into TravelBank, they will be prompted to enter a six-digit verification code that they can find in their email inbox. Multi-factor authentication provides an extra layer of security for accounts and reduces the likelihood of many types of cyber attacks.

Navigate to Your Management Processes Quickly: Admin now have a dedicated Manage section in the menu with quick access to Approvals, Corporate Cards, Transactions, and more.

Track and Reconcile Transactions More Efficiently: The new Transactions page organizes corporate card transactions on an easy-to-read table for more efficient tracking, auditing, and reconciling. Find the data you’re looking for with quick and comprehensive filters. Export data with a few clicks for further analysis.

Unused Ticket Management: Travelers can now apply their unused flight credits when booking travel in the app. Our agents will process requests to book with unused flight credits, and send a confirmation to the traveler when the booking is finalized or reach out to them in case of fare changes or if additional details are needed.

More United Airlines Fares Available: Travelers can view and book more fares from United within the app with the New Distribution Capability.

March 2023

A New Look for Expenses & Transactions:

  • The new table view will display more expenses and transactions at once, making it easier to scan through the data
  • Expenses and transactions will now be grouped by date
  • More filter options will be available
  • Quick edits, like adding a receipt or category, will be possible without leaving the page
  • Red icons will call out missing information
  • On web, checkboxes will add functionality to merge, assign to report, or submit expenses in bulk
Expenses & Transactions Highlights

Expense Allocations: Users will be able to split expenses by departments, categories, and/or custom fields so that their expenses can be more accurately routed for accounting purposes. To note: Currently, this feature will only be enabled for organizations upon request from an organization admin user.

Require Merging of Expense and Corporate Card Transactions: Users with a corporate card will no longer be able to submit a non-reimbursable expense without merging a corporate card transaction to the expense. This will prevent duplicates of non-reimbursable expenses. Errors will be indicated clearly at the top of the screen with a red banner. This feature can be turned on in expense policy general settings by an organization admin user.

Verify Reimbursement Accounts: Users that are verifying reimbursement accounts will receive a $0.01 deposit with a short verification code. For employees, this will remove risk or delays in getting reimbursed for expense reports.

Cancel Bookings in the Mobile App: Previously available on web only, travelers will be able to cancel any reservations without agent assistance by viewing their trips on the TravelBank mobile app.

Unused Flight Credits on Mobile: Previously available on web only, unused flight credits will also be viewable on your mobile app after this next product update.

Manage Cards: To make it easier for admin to manage their card program, the card management page is getting refreshed. With the new design, admin users will be able to sort each column and easily filter based on cardholder, expense assignee, bank, or limit. Card details will display key information about the cardholder, like expense assignee, employee ID, phone number, and email.

Manage Departments: Admin will have the ability to create and modify existing departments, link an external department ID, view the employees assigned and the amount of active expenses tied to each department.

View Unsubmitted Reports on Mobile: Previously available on web only, approvers will be able to view their employees’ unsubmitted expense reports from the mobile app.

Verify Reimbursement Accounts: Users that are verifying reimbursement accounts will receive a $0.01 deposit with a short verification code. For admin users, this will reduce friction for your employees and ensure they get paid on time.


February 2023

Bookings Calendar Integration: Users can now add upcoming trips to their Outlook calendar by downloading the .ics file from their travel confirmation emails.

Assign Expenses to a Report in Bulk: Add multiple expenses to a report with the click of a button. Select multiple expenses, click the Assign button, and select one of your active expense reports from the dropdown on our web app.

add multiple expenses to a report

January 2023

Core Insights: We’ve enhanced our Analytics package, now called Core Insights, to provide admin users easy access to six of the most popular and commonly used reports, in addition to four analytics dashboards.

Dashboards include:

  • Bookings dashboard
  • Flight list
  • Hotel list
  • Car list

Plus 6 most commonly requested/used reports:

  • Total Reimbursed
  • Total Bookings (Travel Transactions)
  • Total Reports Approved by Finance
  • Credit Card Reconciliation Report
  • All Expenses
  • Reports Created but not Submitted (Accrual)

December 2022

In-App Cancelations: We know plans change, and now travelers can cancel any reservations without agent assistance by viewing their trips on the TravelBank web app.

Enhanced Trip Cards: Users can now find additional information about their trips without searching through emails. Details like airline or hotel confirmation number, total booking cost, rate type, and more are now available directly on the bookings page within the TravelBank web app.

Trip Card

Unused Ticket Management: Don’t let flight credits go to waste. All users can view their unused credits on their traveler profile and on the bookings page when searching for flights. Travelers can talk to an agent in-app to use their credits. Users with admin permissions are able to view all of their company’s unused flight credits in Premium Insights.

Flight Credits preview

Reimbursement by Policy: Reimbursements just got more customizable. Admin users can now add multiple reimbursement bank accounts and assign different reimbursement schedules and bank accounts to the set of users under each policy. To enable this feature, please reach out to your customer success manager.

Sort Approval Requests: It’s important to process travel requests in a timely manner to avoid fare increases. Admins and managers can now sort approval requests by type, allowing them to see time sensitive travel approvals above expense approvals.


November 2022

Merging Expenses & Transactions: We’re moving corporate card transactions to your Expense list so you can see synced transactions and manually created expenses in one view and easily merge expenses and your receipts with card transactions. This new view will be called “Expenses & Transactions.” If you have a personal synced card or historical corporate card transactions you’d like to review, those transactions will still be available under the “Past & Personal Transactions” tab in “My Cards.”

Preventing Duplicate Corporate Card Expenses: If you use a corporate card, you will no longer be able to submit a non-reimbursable expense without merging a corporate card transaction to the expense. This will prevent duplicates of non-reimbursable expenses. Errors will be indicated clearly at the top of the screen with a red banner.

Expense Export Enhancements for Admin Users: The next time you export your expenses, you’ll notice two new columns: Posted Date of Transaction and Sync Card, including last 4 digit identifier. Additionally, we’re removing lesser-used columns: Updated Date, Excluded Date, and Budget Category.


October 2022

Expense Export Enhancements: To help with month-end reporting, we have added two columns to the Expense Export solution: “Posted Date of Transaction” and “Sync Card, Including Last 4 Digit Identifier.” Lesser-used columns like Updated Date, Excluded Date, and the Budget Category have been removed.

Enhancements to Travel for iOS & Android: On iOS, you can now rent a car from non-airport locations. On Android, filter rental cars by location type and view details of your past trips.


September 2022

TravelBank Dashboard: Enjoy one central location for everything you need at a glance. Important information and helpful reminders include: a list of your active credit cards, latest transactions that need to be added to a report or paired, key information about your upcoming trips, status of your expense reports, and any unsubmitted expenses with indicators of what’s missing. Admin can take quick actions directly from the Dashboard, like booking your next trip, adding a new personal card for payments, or drilling into transactions. Dashboard is the new home base while navigating the web app.

Dashboard on TravelBank

Duty of Care with Travel Tracker: To assist employees when unforeseen or challenging events occur, Admin now have the ability to easily locate traveling employees wherever they are in the world based on their bookings within the platform. With a map view, Travel Tracker provides travel managers a full overview of all traveling employees any given day. This will be particularly helpful when adverse events could impact employees in transit, like natural disasters.

Duty of Care on TravelBank

Download Booking Receipts: Traveling employees can now download their bookings receipts as a PDF (where applicable) on the web app without the need to contact support.

Car Rental Distance Filter: When searching for a car rental, you have the ability to see exactly how far each pick-up and drop-off location is from your entered location.


August 2022

Keep Your Information Safe with Biometrics, Face ID, and Touch ID: Protect sensitive information with an additional layer of security in your TravelBank mobile app. You now have the option of enabling biometric authentication, utilizing Android Biometrics, Apple Face ID, or Touch ID to access the app. To turn on biometric authentication, tap on the main menu icon in the top left corner of the app and select “View Account” directly under your name.

Rent Cars from All Locations and Corporate Discounts for Rental Cars: Previously, travelers could only book a rental car at airport locations. With this latest release on web, you can book cars wherever is convenient. When searching, mix and match locations, and filter by airport and non-airport locations within your search results with location type indicators available directly on each result. If available, results will also include a “company rate” tag to let you know of any corporate discounts that apply to rental car results.

Year Added to Booking Displays: The year now displays alongside the month and day of your upcoming and past bookings so it’s easy to know exactly when your booking occurs. For example, what previously showed  “Wed, Sep 7” will now be listed as “Wed, Sep 7, 2022”


July 2022

Add Comments to Expense Reports: With report commenting, let your employees know what’s needed in order for their report to get approved by adding a comment. You can add a comment when rejecting the report and keep the conversation going by adding comments in the Activity feed of the report at any time. You’ll receive an email notification when a comment is added to a report. Comments will be visible in the PDF reports and on expense export for transparency during auditing. Learn More

Enhanced Filtering on Rental Car Search: When searching for a rental car, additional filtering options have been added to help you drill down and find the car you need. Filter by number of seats in the rental car and by price range. All filters are available on web and Android devices.


June 2022

New Activity Label for Closed Expense Reports: Within expense report history, expense events that are charged on a corporate card will be labeled “Approved & Closed” when the report has a final approval and is no longer active. An additional email will be sent letting the report creator know it’s approved and no further action is required.

Expense Export Enhancements: Previously, as an admin using our expense export feature, it was difficult to know which expense reports were still active or pending approval. With the upcoming release, a new dropdown will be available to select the type of report you’d like to export, including active reports, submitted reports, and approved reports.

Hiding Expenses for Travel Only Customers: Expense-related features will be hidden for travel only customers on our Android app.


May 2022

Recover Deleted Expenses on Mobile: Deleted an expense by mistake? You can now recover deleted expenses on both the web app and on mobile. When recovered, expenses will reappear on your running expense list.

Disable Expense Inputs for Corporate Card Transactions: When a corporate card is matched to an expense, the transaction amount, payment method, date, and merchant will overwrite any previously entered input values on the expense details and the employee will not be able to edit those fields on our web app.

View Past Trips: All the details of your past trips booked with TravelBank will be easy to reference now. Find the details of your past trips by clicking into the historical trip display, available on both web and the mobile app.

Receipt Forwarding for Brex on Mobile: Automatically forward receipts to Brex Expense Management by toggling on the Brex icon within My Account integrations. If your admin toggles on this feature, all employee receipts are forwarded. If it is not toggled on for your entire organization, you can still turn the integration on at a personal account level, so that all of your receipts are forwarded automatically.

Default Expense Payment Method in Expense Policy Settings: Admin users can now set the payment default method for policies tied to a corporate card, to help reduce errors in the payment method field. When the payment method is set by default, that field is automatically populated so employees do not have to complete it when saving an expense.

Simplified Transaction Pairing: When manually pairing a transaction to an expense, TravelBank will reduce the list of expenses displayed based on the transaction selected, making identification faster. For example, when a positive transaction is selected, we only display positive expenses to pair it to. This will limit the user from mismatching positive and negative values and reduce errors.


April 2022

Find, and Manage Hosts & Delegates with Ease: We’re making it easier than ever to add and make edits to your existing host and delegate users. Quickly find individuals and see their assignments with our new search functionality and gain access to our host and delegates list through reporting in Premium Insights. Learn more.

View and Retrieve Transactions Paired to an Expense: We have added a Transaction History tab within My Cards so employees can view a list of their paired transactions and click to see the expense each one is paired to. Paired transactions will be available in the Transaction History tab for up to 60 days. Expenses paired to a transaction also have a new look. The previous lightning bolt icon has been replaced with a link icon for a more universal and literal meaning.

paired expense example

Multi-select Expenses for Report Submission on iOS: Employees can now decide which expenses they want to submit, and which they’d like to leave for the next report. Upon tapping or clicking submit, employees will be presented with a list of their current expenses so they can uncheck any they aren’t ready to submit. This feature is currently available in the app on our web and iOS, and coming soon for Android.

Receipt Forwarding and Expense Management Integration for Brex Users: We are making it incredibly simple for employees to forward their receipts to your Brex Expense Management Integration. The Brex integration, found under Company Settings on web now (and coming soon on the mobile apps), has been updated so that when toggled on, all expenses saved by your employees to TravelBank will automatically be forwarded to receipts@brex.com, adding them to your Brex Expense Management instance.


March 2022

Add Hosts & Delegates in Bulk: As an administrator, you need the ability to add multiple hosts and delegates at one time. With our latest release, admin can now import hosts and delegates using a CSV file.

Refund to Company Expenses: Refunds happen. Sometimes an employee books a trip and doesn’t take it, or maybe they get credited back for a subscription license. With our latest update, employees can submit negative expenses within TravelBank to account for refunds, allowing your accounting team to track refunded transactions and expenses within the TravelBank dashboard for faster reconciliation.

Multipage Receipt Viewer: Have a receipt or invoice with multiple pages? Now view all pages of the receipt within the app without having to download the PDF. Now available on our web app.

Enhanced Expense Report Navigation: We’re continuing to make it easier to approve expense reports by including navigation within each report, plus a “Return to Report” button to get you back fast. Now available on our web app.

February 2022

Restore Deleted Expenses: Accidentally delete an expense? With our new “Deleted” tab on the expense list you can simply select the expense, click “Restore Expenses,” and your expense will add to the Active list for continued editing.

View Paired Transactions in a List: TravelBank has always made it easy to pair transactions to expenses by auto-pairing similar expenses to transactions behind the scenes. To view auto-paired and manually paired transactions, visit the new “Transaction History” tab in My Cards and see a full listing of all transactions that have been paired or assigned to an expense. Click on “View Expense” to see the expense it has been assigned to.

General Ledger Syncing Status: If you run into an error with your general ledger syncing to TravelBank you can now easily find and resync the errors on your own in the “Reports” tab in Manage. New status tags identify which reports have pending, successful, or failed GL syncs. An email will also be sent to your organization’s finance team and any admins of the report to let them know of the sync failure.

Removal of Expense tab for Travel-Only Customers: The expense related tabs will now be hidden for travel only customers.

January 2022

Description Field and Customer Field: Organizations will now be able to make description and customer fields required, allowing admin to further customize their expense policies with TravelBank.

December 2021

TravelBank has been acquired by U.S. Bancorp, a leader in delivering innovative corporate payment solutions: Through this acquisition, TravelBank will join the U.S. Bank family and we will continue to deliver our products and innovations to our customers, current and future. We are fortunate to have the steady support and resources of U.S. Bank to help accelerate our growth and roadmap, and allow us to deliver fintech innovations to you faster than ever. Learn more.

November 2021

Allocate Expenses by Department: Employees can easily allocate each expense to a specific department through custom fields. When multiple projects are selected, users can split the expense by percentage or dollar amount.

Mileage Expense Maps: Once the destination points have been entered into your mileage expense, destinations can be reordered and saved, and then a map of the route is generated so employees can verify the route that the calculator is using to determine mileage.

October 2021

Travel Transaction Report: Creating travel reports from scratch? TravelBank’s new Travel Transaction Report saves you time by displaying all of your travel transactions in one place, within Premium Insights.

Credit Card Reconciliation Report: Reconcile your synced cards in a more efficient way. The Credit Card Reconciliation Report enables TravelBank users to match all synced card transactions with their respective expenses, including travel bookings, in Premium Insights.

September 2021

Multi-Stop Mileage: Multi-stop mileage enables users to add up to 10 intermediate stops to a mileage expense in addition to their Start and Destination addresses. This feature eliminates the need for travelers to create individual mileage expenses for each leg of a trip.

Reminder Emails – Travel and Expense Approvals: Additional reminder emails are now sent to unverified managers to notify the manager to activate their TravelBank account. This enables the unverified manager to activate and approve any pending bookings or expenses to employees who have been assigned to them.

August 2021

Transaction and Expense Pairing on Web: All users can now pair synced transactions to an existing expense on web for simple reconciliation.

Amex Corporate Card Integration: Connect your Amex corporate card to TravelBank to view transaction data directly within your Card dashboard.

July 2021

Add Additional Approvers with Multi-Level Approval Flows: You decide who approves what, and when. Add multiple approvers to your expense policies governed by the expense category and expense amount.



TRAMS Enhancements: Accounting teams can now see email IDs in TRAMS for all hotel and cab bookings.

June 2021

Add Multiple Receipt Images On Android App: You now have the ability to share multiple photos of your receipts to the TravelBank app, within your Android photo application. Simply select the photos you’d like share, tap on the TravelBank app icon, and photos of your receipts will appear within the TravelBank app.

Set External Account ID on Expense Categories: Integration with your ERP system just got easier. Expenses imported into your ERP will now be automatically set to the correct expense category.

Sync Categories in Quickbooks Online : Automatically map your expense categories from QBO to TravelBank. Any changes made in QBO will be reflected in the TravelBank app.

Expense Enhancements On Android App: We’ve added sort and search functionalities for your expense lists.

May 2021

Add Multiple Receipt Images On iOS App: You now have the ability to share multiple photos of your receipts to the TravelBank app, within iPhone Photos. Simply select the photos you’d like share, tap on the TravelBank app icon, and photos of your receipts will appear within the TravelBank app.

Okta SCIM User Provisioning: Continue managing employees directly within Okta; TravelBank will sync all of your edits.

April 2021

Add Expense Policy on User Profiles: You can now add and easily edit an employee’s expense policy within the employee directory, making it simple to assign and customize an employee’s expense policy allowances.

More Data on Your PDF Reports: Do you require custom fields on your employee expense report? All custom fields, and mileage addresses, are now viewable on your expense report PDF files for better visibility.

A Refresh for Report Creation: Expense reports are getting a makeover! Enjoy creating reports with increased efficiency in our refreshed interface.

My Cards Mobile for Admin: Integrate with the bank of your choice so spend and reconciliation occur in one seamless process, giving your team visibility of every transaction, before it’s even submitted.

My Cards Mobile for Employees: A new My Cards tab makes it easy to manage your assigned corporate cards and personal cards, and view transactions in one place, on any mobile device.

March 2021

Round-trip for mileage: Automatically calculate round-trip mileage in app to save time when tracking your round-trip routes.

Reassurance Information on Flights: TravelBank now displays information on sanitary practices for every flight, so users can book travel with safety in mind.

mask requirements on flights details

February 2021

ERP Support: Easily transfer your pertinent finance data from TravelBank to any enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. In addition to our direct integrations with the most popular general ledger and ERP systems like Netsuite, Quickbooks, Xero and more, we are now offering technical support for connecting TravelBank with any ERP. Learn more.

Delegate Users: Our new Delegate Users feature allows admin users the ability to give executive assistants, travel coordinators, or any other authorized employees access to specific accounts that the delegates support, without compromising confidentiality or security.

Traveler Tracker: Based on our data insights, we are encouraged to see signs that business travel is poised to make a significant recovery this year. Duty of care and oversight is pivotal to any travel program relaunching safely and successfully. To support the safety and wellbeing of our customers and their employees, TravelBank now offers admin users a Travel Tracker dashboard for maximum oversight within the platform.


January 2021

Itemized Expenses: Employees can now break receipts down into multiple expense line items with unique categories, for example, hotel bill and taxes.

Updated Expenses View: This expenses details screen has been updated and optimized for web. Users can also delete or change receipt and adjust sizing. On the expense list screen, users are able to select and delete multiple expense items at once.

Expense custom fields by category: Admin users can now set custom fields to apply to specific expense category only by toggling on Category Specific, then selecting the applicable categories.

Deactivate Users: When admin upload a CSV of users, they can now check a box to deactivate excluded users so anyone not listed in the CSV file will be deactivated. Users will see a warning to accept changes before users are deactivates, and can access a table within the admin view to see all deactivated users.

December 2020

Mileage Expense Recording Enhancements:

For Admin

  1. Use IRS recommendations or customize mileage rates per policy. New mileage policies can be created for any set of users within your organization.

For Employees

  1. Add your origin and destination addresses. TravelBank will automatically suggest an address as you type and calculate the distance in miles for you.
  2. Need to add the mileage manually or edit the miles driven? No problem. This feature is still available.

Expense Policy Spend Alerts: Admins can now establish an expense policy per category and alert managers when employees are out of policy during the approval flow.

Brex Transaction Sync: Connect your company’s Brex cards with TravelBank, and assign them to employees. After the cards have been assigned to employees, admins will be able to see the transactions, and view whether or not the transactions have been assigned to an expense report. Employees will be able to view card details as well as synced transactions, by clicking on “My Cards” in the sidebar. All Brex card transactions are automatically set as “non-reimbursable.”

Gift Your Rewards: Looking for even more ways to use your TravelBank Rewards? Redeem your rewards for gift cards and have the card sent directly to an email address of your choosing with a custom message.

a screen shot of the amazon gift card page.


November 2020

Car Loyalty Points: Attach your rental car loyalty program number to your reservation at the time of reservation, or save all your loyalty numbers in one place within your Account to earn points and unlock status tiers.

Slack App: Questions about your upcoming flight? Need help making changes to your hotel booking? Chat with a TravelBank travel support team member directly through Slack, at your desk or on the go. Download the app and start chatting.

a tweet with a message on it that says, easily message the travel.


October 2020

Premium Insights: Premium Insights is our new user-friendly and fully customizable dashboard that allows you to monitor all of your spend, leakage, and trends. It gives every decision maker in your company a one-stop dashboard for the travel and expense metrics that matter to your business.

My Cards: A new Cards tab on the desktop app makes it easy for your employees to manage their assigned corporate cards and personal cards, and view their transactions on one screen.

Expense Search & Transaction Assignment: Our updated interface allows employees to search and assign individual expenses into unique reports with ease.

Netsuite Enhancements: Now able to support multiple subsidiaries and currencies.

Reimbursement Account Alerts (iOS, Android): Proactive messages surface issues with your bank account when TravelBank attempts to process reimbursements so you can get paid faster.


September 2020

Virtual Payments with U.S. Bank: TravelBank partners with U.S. Bank to offer an integrated virtual card, expense management, and travel solution. The new U.S. Bank Instant Card integrates directly into the TravelBank travel and expense management application, making it simple for businesses to provision virtual corporate cards to control and track spend in real time, and manage business travel and expense in a single, all-in-one solution, all while earning market-leading card spend rebates and providing employees with safe and convenient contactless payment options.

Rewards Mobile App Enhancements: Previously available on desktop, now available on your mobile TravelBank app! Reward your employees with the addition of new brands, custom rewards amounts, and a shiny new user interface that makes it simple to browse and redeem.


August 2020

Corporate Card Management: Issue, manage, and track your cards in one place. Integrate with the bank of your choice so spend and reconciliation occur in one seamless process, giving your team better financial control and visibility of every transaction.

New Rewards Providers: Enjoy even more ways to reward your employees with the addition of new brands, including DoorDash, Audible, Hulu, charity, and more. No need to wait until your points hit a certain number – employees can now enter a custom amount for several of our providers.

example of TravelBank rewards

Strategic Partnership with World Traveler Inc: In an effort to broaden the number of SMBs we serve, TravelBank partnered with travel management company World Travel Inc. Our technology will power their brand new online booking tool and expense management platform, WorldHub Travel & Expense.

an airplane is flying in the blue sky.


July 2020

Unused Ticket Reconciliation: If an airline cancels or substantially delays a flight, you may be eligible for a refund, even on a non-refundable ticket. TravelBank now offers an unused airline ticket tracking service to help your company effectively track and reconcile these travel credits. Our system emails monthly updates with the status of your unused ticket balances for simple reconciliation of your records.


June 2020

Company Settings Redesign: Switch between sections in a breeze with our updated Company Settings navigation.

Create and Manage Custom Expense Fields: Your team can now create custom fields for things like project codes, leave those fields as open text or structure it as a dropdown, and decide whether to make the field required.


May 2020

Customize Excel Reports: When preparing your reports, easily select date ranges, filter by department, and choose the data fields you’d like to add.

a screenshot of a screen shot of a website.

April 2020

Corporate Airline Discounts: You can now apply your company’s negotiated airline rates throughout the TravelBank flight booking experience. Travelers see rates tagged with your company’s name, allowing them to prioritize booking rates that are uniquely reduced.

International Hotel Rates: View, compare, and book rooms from hotel inventory around the world with local currency converted to US dollars at the time of booking.

Work from Home Expenses: Reduce costs and stay organized with our free WFH expense software trial. WFH expenses improve productivity and keep employees happy while sheltered in place.

Best Place to Work SF: TravelBank is listed as a best place to work in the Bay Area for the second year in a row.


March 2020

Merchant of Record Removal: Managing company spend? You’ll now see the airline booked through TravelBank listed on your credit card statement, instead of “TravelBank”. 

Airline Credit Card Rewards: Travelers receive full airline credit card rewards including status for flights booked via the TravelBank app.

Traveler Profiles: Now on desktop!  Book your business trips even faster. Save your known traveler number, add all of their airline and hotel loyalty numbers, and store preferred payment methods, all in one place.

COVID-19 Travel Tracker: View travel waivers and cancellation policies due to Coronavirus impact.


February 2020

Trip Cards: With this redesign, access even more information about your upcoming trip with our updated and redesigned booking detail pages. Easily manage approval requests, view receipts for your bookings, get directions to your hotel, and request modifications. Preview the new design.

Credit Card Type Listed on Booking Requests: As a manager reviewing a booking request, see the card type, whether corporate or personal, your employee used to pay for the booking before you take action.


January 2020

Group Flight Bookings: Book flights for up to 7 travelers at once. All travelers in the group booking are listed under the same record, making it easy to manage the booking, check in all travelers at the same time, and save on costs.

Car Filters: When searching for car rentals on the TravelBank web app, filter by the rental agency or car type to find what you need even faster.

Payment Method Listed on Approvals: For managers, booking approvals now show the payment method used by the requester.


December 2019

Car Rentals: Travelers can use the TravelBank app to rent cars for their business trips from over 40 different car rental companies across 200 countries.


November 2019

a screen shot of a web page with a picture of a bridge.

24 hour Flight Cancellations in App: Secure booking with easier in-app cancellation for up to 24 hours after booking.

Basic Economy Flights: Basic economy and low-cost carrier flight inventory are now available.

Filter Hotel Results by Brand: Quickly find your preferred hotel to stay at by filtering the hotel results by brand.

a screen shot of a hotel website.

Total Hotel Budget Display: Hotel Budget now includes all fees and taxes so you can easily understand your travel budget.

M life Rewards: Earn M life Rewards points for qualifying stays at participating MGM Resorts.

Hotel Reporting in Local Currency: Hotel booking reports includes the total cost in the currency charged by the hotel.


October 2019

New Expense Report Design on Mobile: New design to view expense reports on mobile devices.

Flexible Approver Set Up for Travel and Expenses: Explicitly assign an approver for each user for both expense and travel requests.

Whats New, Expenses

Updated Employee Directory Page: Easily manage invitations, permissions, and status of the employees.


September 2019

Marketplace: Launching Marketplace, a one-stop-shop for all your business travel needs, such as airport lounge passes, ground transportation, and even bleisure activities, with exclusive deals and offers.

Whats New, Marketplace