Corporate Travelers Can Now View Flight Sustainability Data When Booking on TravelBank

TravelBank is pleased to announce that it has partnered with SQUAKE, a Berlin-based sustainability specialist, to empower TravelBank users to make more informed business travel decisions regarding their carbon footprint. Together, TravelBank and SQUAKE aim to make a positive impact on the business travel industry, paving the way for a more sustainable future.

On TravelBank today, users can instantly access sustainability data while booking flights. This allows travel bookers to easily compare flights using advanced CO2 performance metrics, such as aircraft type, routing and more. In the near future, users will also have the option to choose hotels based on sustainability ratings and select environmentally friendly ground transportation, considering factors like fuel type, engine efficiency and car type.

TravelBank plans to add SQUAKE features into the main dashboard, enabling travel administrators to monitor the overall carbon emissions of individual employees or the entire company.

A screenshot displaying various flight sustainability options with details such as price, duration, and flight carbon emissions for a trip from San Francisco to New York.

“SQUAKE and TravelBank share a commitment to more sustainable travel and a mission to empower users to make environmentally conscious decisions during their travels. By integrating SQUAKE’s expertise in sustainability with TravelBank’s all-in-one platform, we can revolutionize the way businesses approach corporate travel, enabling users to make informed choices that reduce their carbon footprint,” said Philipp von Lamezan, co-founder and CEO of SQUAKE.

“Partnering with SQUAKE is a natural fit for TravelBank as we continue to prioritize sustainability and empower our users with the tools they need to make a positive environmental impact. SQUAKE’s expertise in sustainable travel combined with TravelBank’s technology platform will provide our users with the insights and options they need for reducing their carbon footprint,” said Duke Chung, co-founder and CEO of TravelBank, which also recently announced its support of Lufthansa Group’s Sustainability Aviation Fuel program.