TravelBank Rewards Program for Better Business Travel

Business travel is an investment that will help your business grow, and we want to help you make sure that it’s spent wisely.

Our rewards program incentivizes employees to make better spending decisions and maximize savings by offering them more flexibility and rewarding them when they come under budget.

Why offer a rewards program?

Did you know 83% of road warriors prefer a better T&E policy over better pay? Creating a flexible travel policy that fits your company culture is key to its adoption and success. We believe it’s so important that we’ve even written a guide about it.

Driving a culture of savings with a carrot, not a stick, approach will keep both your employees and the finance team happy. Using a rewards program will give your employees a better business travel experience, while aligning your teams when it comes to using your business travel investment wisely.

Our rewards program allows your employees to use their judgement to book the travel that makes the most sense for their trip needs, while guiding them to stay under budget. By offering employees a percentage of the money saved in the form of rewards, they treat the company money like it’s their own money. On top of that, rewards become a perk that they can redeem for services they’re already using everyday.

TravelBank rewards are redeemable for the services your employees already use and love

And we haven’t even mentioned the savings yet! Since employees control their earning potential with their booking selections, they are more likely to choose a less expensive travel option, book travel earlier, search outside their favorite loyalty programs, and select exclusive deals when they can earn rewards. With rewards turned on, companies save up to 30% on average.

How are rewards calculated and earned?

Using a proprietary algorithm, our real-time pricing data calculates a budget for each hotel based on your company policy.

When rewards are turned on, the average budget is displayed at the top of the search results, giving employees a reference point for the price they need to beat in order to save the company money and earn rewards. Below that, each hotel price is listed with the earning potential to incentivize better spend decisions.

Hotel with Rewards

You decide what percentage of the savings is given back as rewards points. We recommend 50%, so if the budget is $300, and your employee spends $200, you reward your employee with $50 for making a smart decision. Your company saves $50.

How TravelBank rewards are calculated

Employees can redeem the rewards they earn with Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, gift cards, and more.

Don’t Just Take it From Us

What Employees Think

“Personally, I’d choose staying at an Airbnb or a boutique hotel over a something flashy when traveling. When I save my company money by picking the cost-effective option that I’d choose anyway, I get rewarded.”

“Easy, efficient, and excellent rewards. I would be lying if I didn’t say the rewards are my favorite.”

What CEOs Think

“As a founder, I’m very careful with my company spend because I treat it like my money. With Travelbank, I can instill the same mentality for all my employees when they travel.”

“It was really simple to bring our entire team onto TravelBank, and our employees couldn’t wait for us to turn on the new savings and rewards feature!”

TravelBank Rewards on Desktop