24 Hours in Asheville: Business Trip in the Blue Ridge Mountains

The little city of Asheville, North Carolina is tucked away in the middle of the Blue Ridge mountains, and you only need one day here to grow to love it.

While the outskirts of Asheville are a natural wonderland, the city itself pulses with a quirky, bohemian energy akin to Portland, Oregon. The city is equal parts beautiful and refreshing. If you are traveling to Asheville for business, loosen up your tie and relish a step into an oasis unlike anywhere else in the south.


Go for a Float in a Sensory Deprivation Tank at Still Point Wellness

Touch down in Asheville and prepare yourself for the day ahead with a relaxing float at Still Point Wellness. Floating in warm water in a pitch black, silent tank might not sound appealing, but it’s actually the perfect way to unwind and relax your muscles after a stiff flight. The absence of any form of sensory distraction allows you to fully connect with your thoughts, which should give you the mental headspace to take on the day ahead.

Grab a Quick Bite at White Duck Taco

Once your mind is sated, it’s time for an Asheville specialty. White Duck Taco is a quick and casual bite, but no less delicious. Try their unique, international-inspired tacos like the Bahn Mi Tofu, Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Bangkok Shrimp, or Korean Beef Bulgogi.


Check into the Aloft Asheville Downtown

By the time you’re done with lunch, your hotel room should be ready. Luckily, the Aloft Asheville Downtown hotel is right across the street! This central hotel is striking and perfect for a quick business trip.


It’s located downtown and is within walking distance of just about everything. The colorful interior is as quirky as the rest of Asheville and amenities include a fitness center, rooftop pool, and bar.

Wow a Client at The Bull and Beggar

The very definition of elegance, this restaurant serves up oysters, foie gras, lobster and truffles, as well as plenty of traditional southern favorites.


The quality of the menu at the Bull and Beggar is matched by the rustic, yet vibrant atmosphere. If you’re looking to wow a client, a dinner here should do the trick.

Get Your Morning Coffee from a Double Decker Bus

Only in Asheville can you order a coffee from a traditional British double decker shipped straight over from Bristol, England.


Once serving as a form of public transportation, Double D’s Coffee and Desserts now serves some of the finest coffee in town in the most eclectic setting you’ll find.

Stroll Around the River Arts District

After your morning coffee head to Asheville’s River Arts District. Whether you have five minutes to kill or five hours, the RAD is a great place to while away the time.


Admire the open galleries, studios and street art as you wander around—and even pick up a unique piece of art for your living room from a local artist before you fly home. This is the perfect place to pick up a souvenir as Asheville is a city you’re going to want to remember.