What You Need to Know Before Buying Inflight Wifi

Working inflight is a hallmark of the business traveler. Airlines offer monthly Gogo inflight wifi plans for frequent flyers, but for those who hop on a plane every now and again for a business conference or fly a variety of airlines, those plans don’t make sense.

Like me, you will likely end up purchasing wifi as needed, in the air. If this is the case, stop right now! There’s a better way.

Gogo inflight wifi is way cheaper if you buy your pass in advance. For example, I bought an hour wireless pass for just $7 before takeoff on my last Virgin America flight. When the hour ran out, I contemplated buying another hour pass in-air and was presented with a whopping $11 charge for just 30 minutes of internet! That’s more than a 300% markup.

On the ground, Gogo charges $7 for an hour pass and $19 for an all day pass. In the air, they charge $11 for a 30 minute pass and $50 for the same all day pass. These passes are good for domestic flights on Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, American, Delta, United and Virgin America.

So the next time you fly one of these airlines and need to work on the flight, make sure to buy your internet pass before takeoff.

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