Get Away to These 10 Long-Weekend Summer Escapes

With summer in full swing, there’s one thing on everyone’s mind: getting away. The days are longer, the weather is nice. Summer rolls around and everyone is itching to take an extra day to relax and recharge in their favorite place after weeks of work or a busy business trip.

Whether your office practices Summer Fridays or you’re taking advantage of holiday weekends, you’re bound to be escaping for at least one or two extended weekends this season. We asked at the office to see where Team TravelBank can’t wait to go and here’s what they had to say.

Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania

“Despite it’s funny reputation for being a cheesy honeymoon destination of the past, the Poconos is a beautiful outdoor destination with little to no crowds. And it’s an easy drive from New York City or Washington, DC. Of all my trips to the Poconos, glamping at the Shawnee Inn is my favorite memory, and I would love to canoe on the Delaware River again. The water was so clear I could see the mussels on the sandy bottom of the river as we drifted along.” — Tiffany, digital marketing manager

Emerald Isle, North Carolina

“I used to take summer vacations there every summer with family and friends! Renting a beach house offers the perfect balance for relaxing, loafing, and being able to walk to the ocean. I love the mixture of hanging out on the beach all day and then coming back to play video games or watch movies with friends over dinner at the beach house.” — Dylan, product designer

San Antonio, Texas

“As the team knows, I think even a trip to Australia can pass as a long weekend trip, but realistically, one of my favorites (being from Texas) is San Antonio. It’s not too far of a drive from all the major Texas cities like Houston, Dallas, Austin, and Fort Worth, yet it’s far enough to have something completely different and a unique culture. I love exploring the Alamo, walking along the riverwalk, and enjoying drinks at the top of the rotating Tower of the Americas. Plus, there’s Six Flags, Sea World, the zoo, and underground caverns nearby for more adventurous exploring.” — Nicole, social media manager

Finger Lakes, New York

“When I lived in the New York City area I escaped to the Finger Lakes. It’s a beautiful area that has amazing wine (as good as Napa, but not as expensive) and yummy food. And it’s less crowded than Napa!” — Iris, operations

Zion National Park, Utah

“Zion National Park has beautiful, unique landscapes reminiscent of the wild west, camping, hikes… basically everything I love in life. The Canyon Overlook Trail is basically Yosemite Valley if it were on Mars.” — Connor, customer success

Tahoe, California

“In Tahoe you can camp right on the lake, hang out on the beach, swim if you dare (brr), and there’s lots of great hiking around. I like to hike from the base to the High Camp Pool at Squaw Valley. You hike straight uphill but are rewarded with a pool and bar at the top, and you can take the gondola back down!” — Sara, director, product design

Livermore Valley, California

“The Livermore wineries offer beautiful scenery, and they are closer to San Francisco than Napa. The wine tasting is also cheaper! I enjoying the casual vibe and drinking great wine.” — Jess, office manager and executive assistant

Monterey and Carmel, California

“I like to get away from the Silicon Valley bubble, enjoy the sea (whales and otters abound!), and it’s an easy drive for those of us in South Bay. Plus there’s the world-renowned aquarium. It was always my dream to go as a kid, since it was prominently featured in nature documentaries and such. After going I thought it was great, but actually smaller than I expected, so I concluded my hometown Baltimore Aquarium is still the best! I love fishing and have done a number of trips for rockfish and lingcod. One time, we started out by catching little squid to use as bait, and the captain let us keep a bag full that we grilled as calamari, which was even better than the fish we caught! To this day I smirk when I see “Monterey Calamari” as an overpriced menu item. I still want to go back for the salmon fishing when the bite is good.” — Barry, product and growth

Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania

“It’s a tiny Victorian-style town that I went to for a wedding a few years back and it’s the perfect getaway. You feel like you’ve traveled back to a different time. There’s a scenic railway, the mansion that inspired Disney World’s haunted house, and lots of outdoorsy stuff to do. I really liked stopping by the absinthe bar, perusing used book store, hiking, and hanging with the locals.” — James, product manager

Pacific Beach in San Diego, California

“Pacific Beach has great weather, great food (particularly Mexican food), a few breweries, and a great bar scene. Who doesn’t love the beach? The one thing I always like to do there is enjoy a nice craft beer while relaxing on the beach”. — Calvyn, customer success