Our Favorite B2B Conferences to Attend in Fall 2019

Recently, we published a run-down of must-attend events for human resources and finance teams to attend in the upcoming months. In this post, we’ll focus on the B2B conferences that we recommend short-listing–starting with our very own Altitude Conference!

Featured Event: TravelBank’s Annual Altitude Conference

When: September 26-28, 2019

Where: Las Vegas

Event Overview: Hosted by TravelBank, Altitude combines community, commerce, and connection through social experiences. Altitude is an invite-only gathering designed to connect, educate, and inspire our community of customers, partners and teams. This year’s sessions will address topics like creating a travel policy that fits your company culture, the future of managing business travel, and an exciting announcement about our product.

Content Marketing World

When: September 3-6, 2019

Where: Cleveland

Event Overview: CM World 2019 is the one event where you can learn and network with the best and the brightest in the content marketing industry. You will leave with all the materials you need to take a content marketing strategy back to your team – and – to implement a content marketing plan that will grow your business and inspire your audience. The event will feature over 120 sessions and workshops presented by the leading brand marketers and experts from around the world covering strategy, storytelling, ROI, demand generation, AI, and more.

Oracle Open World

When: September 16-19, 2019

Where: San Francisco

Event Overview: Oracle OpenWorld 2019 brings together the decision-makers and influencers business leaders want to connect with. Attendees come from finance, operations, supply chain, human resources, sales, marketing, customer service, and IT. They are all focused on how to leverage digital technologies and the cloud for business success.

Technology Excellence Week

When: September 23-25, 2019

Where: Boston

Event Overview: Technological progress is having a profound impact on business processes and business transformation strategy. Technology Excellence Week is a strategic event designed to help business leaders work out the best route forward to future-proof their businesses and optimize their operations for many years to come.

2019 New York Global Innovation Summit

When: August 22, 2019

Where: New York

Event Overview: In today’s fast-changing business landscape, it’s not your competitors that threaten your company’s survival. It’s your organization’s willingness and capacity to disrupt its existing business model or be disrupted. The courageous leadership traits needed to foster a culture of innovation and transformation on the path to genius will be the focal point of the 2019 New York Global Innovation Summit.

Digital Transformation Conference

When: October 17, 2019

Where: Boston

Event Overview: The Digital Transformation Conference brings together leaders spearheading digital initiatives in their organizations to offer insights into their digital transformation journey’s. Join digital business leaders as the event returns to Boston this fall to navigate digital transformation with an agenda packed full of presentations, fireside chats, panel discussions & networking opportunities.

DreamForce 2019

When: November 19-20, 2019

Where: San Francisco

Event Overview: Also included in our previous post geared to HR and finance professionals, Salesforce’s annual conference, Dreamforce, unites thought leaders, partners, industry pioneers, and thousands of others for a high-energy agenda of learning, inspiration, and fun. Dreamforce has tailored content specific to every industry, role, and company size.

We Can Help You Build Your Business Case

We understand that budgets can be tight, workloads are heavy, and that profitability and productivity are paramount–resulting in the need to build a business case for your supervisor if you would like to attend a conference. We can help with that! Be sure to check out our recent post Building the Business Case for Conference Attendance, which highlights how to build an event attendance proposal, including a budget forecasting app.

And don’t forget…Altitude 2019 is right around the corner. To learn more about our invitation-only annual conference and request your invitation, please click here.