6 Tips for Working From Home with Your Pet During Quarantine

If working from home is new for you, it’s also new for your pet. With your old routine shaken up, try to create some new structure for Fido to help him settle into the new norm and learn what to expect.

Tips for working from home with your pets during quarantine.

It will ease everyone’s stress and help your work day run more smoothly.

Give them their own comfy space.

It’s important to get your pet comfortable with having their own space, even when you’re home. Sometimes they’ll find the floor or a cardboard box on their own, but for a real treat, get them a new cozy bed.

Give your pet their own comfy space while you work from home during quarantine.

“When I shop for my English bull-dog, I look for high quality, well designed products that match the aesthetic of my modern home.” Parisa Fowles-Pazdro, founder of max-bone.

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Take your calls in peace.

How many times has your pet decided to join your conference call or hop in front of the camera? TravelBank Art Director and dog mom of a beautiful rescue named Mac advises, “If your dog is in the room or lurking around, go on mute any time you aren’t talking!”

Use an AI-powered application that removes background noise to take calls in peace while you work from home during quarantine.

Another option is Krisp, an AI-powered application that removes background noise in real-time calls, helping you improve your communication and productivity. And right now you can try Krisp for free.

“With Krisp, you can take calls from any corner in your home, without getting interrupted when your dog barks at the mailman.” – Artavazd Minasyan, Co-founder & President of Krisp

Don't let your dogs interrupt your calls while you work from home during quarantine.

Provide plenty of exercise.

The good news? Working from home can help you get more exercise by walking or playing with your pet. However, if your schedule is jam-packed or you’re unable to get outside, you can still create a routine with regular walks to keep your dog happy, healthy, and exercised.

Provide your pet with plenty of exercise while you work from home during quarantine.

“Keeping your dog on a regular schedule will help reduce anxiety, especially for breeds that must be exercised regularly for their physical and mental health.” – Dylan Allread, COO of Wag!

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Keep them healthy.

Now, more than ever, keeping your pets and yourself healthy is of utmost importance. Start by giving your pet great food that they’ll thank you for, and over time you should be able to cut down on vet visits.

Try giving your dog fresh food so they stay happy and healthy while you work from home during quarantine.

“If you think about your own diet, you can clearly tell the difference between a packaged product versus something that is really direct to the table.” — Dr. Justin Shmalberg, Chief Nutrition Officer at Nom Nom

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Don’t miss a prescription.

The last thing you need right now is to miss a prescription dose for your pet and wind up at the vet in a time crunch. Whether it’s for a pre-existing condition or a monthly preventative medication for things like heartworm, knock this item off your to do list in less time with an online order.

Keeping your dogs and cats healthy while you work from home during quarantine is very important.

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Help them relax.

Eighty six percent of pet parents surveyed said spending time with their pets helps alleviate stress from today’s news topics like the coronavirus, economy, and politics. And, as happy as your pet is to have more time together, a brand new routine can actually cause them anxiety. As we’ve noted above, exercise, mental stimulation, and a dedicated space like a bed or crate can help. But if they’re not completely doing the trick, calming treats are another great option.

CBD treats can help anxious dog relax while you work from home during quarantine.

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