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Corporate Travel Management
TravelBank’s travel management system provides your travelers with a single, beautifully designed experience to book all flights, hotels, and cars.
Reward Smarter Spend
Incentivize employees to make better decisions and maximize savings by rewarding them when they come under budget.
Savings on Inventory
Gain access to our negotiated rates, savings that are typically reserved for large corporations, and diverse flight and hotel inventory.
Access to 24/7 Support
Our dedicated team of travel agents are always available via phone, chat, Slack, or email should travel issues arise.
Instant Hotel Check-In
Use the U.S. Bank Instant Card™ for contactless check-in to hotels that accept Apple Pay and Google Pay.


Booking lodging is an essential part of the business travel experience. Enjoy access to over 500,000 hotel properties and homesharing options. Alternative lodging options (like Airbnb) unlock even more flexibility and savings for your travel program. Preview Lodging on TravelBank.


Employees can access a curated flight bookings platform with special corporate rates to book flights for business travel. Preview Flights on TravelBank.


Employees can search and reserve available vehicles for easy pickup at airports from the desktop or mobile app, so they’re ready to hit the road. Preview Cars on TravelBank.

Group Travel

Bring your team back together with the help of our travel support agents. 

We’ll negotiate hotel blocks, manage the rooming list, unlock the best travel rates, utilize unused ticket funds, and provide customized reporting on all the details so you can hit the ground running.

Slack Travel Support

Questions about your flight? Need help making changes to your hotel booking? Chat with a TravelBank travel support member directly through Slack, at your desk or on the go.

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Resources for business travel management.

What do corporate travel managers do?

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Corporate travel managers are responsible for ensuring that their company's travel program is defined, implemented, and complied with. Travel managers may be involved with creating a corporate travel policy, and help ensure that employees book travel that is compliant with that policy. Once employees hit the road, travel managers help with travel safety and the submission of travel expense data.

What is a corporate travel program?

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A corporate travel program allows employees to travel on behalf of the company. This may be to close more business, serve existing customers, develop partnerships, or expand market coverage. When developing a travel program, your company should define how business travel will align to your existing business strategy.

How do travel management companies make money?

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Travel management companies (TMCs) may make money through a commission earned on travel bookings or by charging a booking fee. Some even charge their customers a fee for speaking to customer support. Fortunately, a great TMC saves clients money through negotiated discounts and a reduction in the time it takes to book and reschedule. This should more than cover the cost of using a TMC.

What is a travel management system?

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A travel management system is the technology that automates and streamlines corporate travel management. Functionalities of the system typically allow employees to book business travel within budget, help managers review noncompliant travel requests, offer business expense tracking, process expense report reimbursements, and help the finance team gain visibility into budget management and forecasting.

How do I book corporate travel?

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Corporate travel is typically booked through a business travel management platform that allows business travelers to search for flights, hotels, rental cars, and more. It's ad hassle-free way to book travel for business because the company travel policies and exclusive corporate travel rates are already built in.

How does a travel management company work?

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A travel management companies (TMC) is designed to assist your business travel program with the day-to-day operations, including travel booking, expense tracking, and traveler safety. A good TMC can provide your company with technology for all of your travel program's stakeholders, including travelers, their managers, and your finance team. Working with a TMC can improve the efficiency of your travel program.

What are some of the common tasks of travel agents?

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Travel agents are ready to assist you with travel bookings, changes, and cancellations. They can search inventory across multiple suppliers through a global distribution system (GDS), allowing them to find the best business travel options quickly. Travel agents typically field support requests via phone, email, and in-app chat. They can also pull up airline and hotel policies to clarify the options when a traveler is considering changing their business travel itinerary.

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