How Iterable Solved Travel Management Issues by Switching from Egencia to TravelBank

Video transcript

My name is Michael Ashkar. I’m the Senior Payroll and GL Accountant at Iterable Inc. We are a growth marketing automation software. With our platform, businesses can connect with their customers in more engaging and more specific ways through multiple channels, including email, texts, and push notifications in app.

We had been using another travel platform that was giving us a lot of trouble. What I loved about TravelBank was the UI and just how easy it is to book travel and how quick it is.  It really makes the travelers’ experience just as simple as possible, without sacrificing anything on the admin side.

We implemented Egencia earlier in 2019, and the challenges that we faced were numerous and on almost every single front of using the software from the traveler experience being very clunky, taking sometimes three or four pages to book a flight. From the travel management side for the approval process, taking a long time to approve a travel that was a flight, or a trip that was out of policy.

And then, to the back end where receipt management was an absolute nightmare.

TravelBank solved all three of those issues that we had. It’s ease of use on the UI made it so quick for a traveler.  They’re empowered to book a trip like probably under two minutes. In terms of Egencia vs. TravelBank, the approval process is much more streamlined in TravelBank, and on the backend I get a receipt after every single booking, which I love.

Our company is now 250 plus, and so we desperately need a travel management platform and we need one that makes travel simple. Travel management platform is something that you don’t notice until it goes wrong and TravelBank hasn’t gone wrong for us yet. We’re very grateful.

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