Fandom Case Study: The Benefits of Incentivizing Employees with Rewards


Video transcript

My name’s Ed Lu. I’m the CFO for a company called Fandom. It used to be known as Wikia. It’s a sister site to Wikipedia, same founder, but we’re now rebranded as Fandom.

What we’re trying to be is the world’s largest community for fans, creators, and consumers alike, for them to celebrate their passions around core cultures, such as sports, anime, television, movies, entertainment, games, and so on and so forth.

TravelBank, to me, solves a lot of issues we have, from both the T&E perspective, but also the expense perspective.

On the T&E side, we’ve had issues with booking, specifically the user experience, and the user interface has not been great.  TravelBank has been a great solution, in that the fluidity and the intuitiveness of the app really helps our business travelers.

I love the fact that TravelBank has the reward piece, where you can incentivize your employees to basically save money on behalf of the company, and that’s something, as a CFO, I love.

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