9 Coffee Shops in Downtown SF and Soma

From my earliest days working at TravelBank, I could have told you that coffee culture is alive and well at this company. From the friendly arguments over where to buy the best beans for our pour over coffee makers to the endless schedule of coffee shop meetings on our calendar, coffee is an obvious and integral part of our work day and work culture.

Here are 9 of our favorite coffee shops near Downtown San Francisco and Soma. They are perfect for grabbing a quick caffeine pick-me-up or hosting a casual meeting over coffee.

Caffe Centro

Our first office in Soma was located in South Park right next to Caffe Centro. We spent many mornings enjoying their avocado toast and can tell you exactly how many times you can refill a to-go cup before it starts to disintegrate. Caffe Centro was always our go to for coffee shop meetings in the park.

Small Foods

Just around the corner on Second Street, Small Foods serves Four Barrel coffee alongside the best breakfast sandwich in Soma. It’s cheese, egg and avocado on a thick English muffin that tastes and looks homemade. There are tables for chatting over coffee, but one thing to note is that they don’t offer wifi.

In terms of a budget-friendly breakfast nothing beats the sandwich around the corner from our office @smallfoodssf.. I mean look at that English muffin ? Best part is I can snap a photo of my receipt in one hand while I dig into this deliciousness with the other ? #expensesmadeeasy

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Blue Bottle

This brand has gotten pretty popular in the last few years and is quickly becoming the next coffee chain, but they recently opened a shop right on the corner of South Park and Second with lots of windows for natural light and tables for workspace. However it’s usually crowded, so grab your obligatory pour over coffee (check it off your SF bucket list) and enjoy it in the sunshine of South Park instead.

Sightglass Coffee

Sightglass Coffee has a few locations around the city (in the Mission and newly opened on Divisadero). Their coffee shop in Soma offers a big airy space with lots of seating. Most people hang and chat downstairs or grab a quieter workspace upstairs and set up shop for a few hours.

Cafe Réveille

This pink cafe in Mission Bay is a quick walk from the Fourth and King Caltrain station, and serves the most instagrammable coffee and lunch near Soma. They also have Réveille Coffee in North Beach and the Castro, but the Mission Bay location is where you need to go if you’re looking to up your Insta-game.


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Hive Coffee Bar

Hive Coffee Bar recently opened and serves delicious chai lattes. The tables are generally open if you do want to stop for a bit, but it’s more of a grab-and-go place. If you’re really in a rush you can order directly from a window outside.

Red Door Coffee at Minna Gallery

For a chic spot to sit and host a coffee shop meeting, Minna Gallery is our new go to. Just around the corner from our new office, they serve great coffee and tea in a big gallery space with lots of seating. In the evening the space even turns into a bar if happy hour is more your vibe.

Mazarine Coffee

As you get closer to Mission Street and Market Street, the coffee shops get more familiar. You’ll start to see a chain coffee shop on every corner. But in the midst of this, Mazarine Coffee on Market Street is a truly independent shop, serving up delicious coffee and picture perfect avocado toast.

When your avocado toast is too pretty to eat ??❤️ #avocadotoast

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St. Clare Coffee

This little pop-up cafe at the entrance of the SPUR Urban Center is the sister shop to Saint Frank. The space is open and wifi is available. While Mission Street is usually bustling, St. Clare’s offers a quiet place to sit and work or chat. The menu is short and simple, and they serve delicious lattes.

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