Introducing the U.S. Bank Commercial Rewards Card Powered by TravelBank

Many businesses still need a simple, end-to-end payment solution that will scale with their team. That’s why we’re excited to power the U.S. Bank Commercial Rewards Card–a card that meets the unique needs of emerging middle market companies, minimizing time and expense, while maximizing control and efficiency. 

Built on the TravelBank platform, the Commercial Rewards Card is the first of its kind, helping companies track, measure and monitor their travel spend and expenses, in real-time, in a way that is completely integrated with existing payment and HR systems and processes. Controls and workflows simplify the expense management process and make it more rewarding.

“The Commercial Rewards Card replaces time-consuming, manual processes with a single, intuitive platform to help companies better manage cash flow, obtain core insights into spend and easily integrate with other business systems.” said Jeff Jones, president, Corporate Payment and Treasury Solutions at U.S. Bank.

The Commercial Rewards Card includes:

A Simple User Experience

Enjoy all the benefits of a traditional commercial card plus virtual cards, travel, and expenses on one platform. Companies have only one system to log into and all data syncs seamlessly which leads to enhanced spend control and visibility – so there’s no more tracking and reconciling expenses across multiple systems. 

Real-Time Data

Access to real-time travel data – via the TravelBank platform – which gives companies greater control, improves productivity, offers visibility into business spend and makes it fast and simple for employees to keep track of their expenses via a full suite of integrated products.

Easy API Accounting and HR Integration

The commercial Rewards Card integrates with major accounting, ERP, HR, and banking software, including two-way sync with QuickBooks Online, providing a complete, seamless experience and helping to reduce manual work, reconciliation, and errors. 

Rewards and Rebates

Companies will be able to choose between rewards and rebates. With the optional rewards program, employees can earn points for booking travel. Companies can earn rewards for all purchases. 


The Commercial Rewards Card replaces time-consuming, manual processes with a single, intuitive platform that helps companies better manage cash flow, provides real-time insights into expenses, and integrates easily with other business systems. 

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