One Year In, Brex and TravelBank Continue Enhancing and Innovating Upon Their Industry-Leading 4x Point Multiplier

Nearly a year ago, we announced our partnership with Brex to combine their revolutionary corporate credit card with a seamless corporate travel bookings offering—directly within the Brex dashboard—so customers could earn an unprecedented 4x Brex Rewards points on travel booked through Brex and TravelBank.

Brex Travel, powered by TravelBank, has been a phenomenal success, proven by our growing combined customer base and popularity of the combined offering. For instance, most of the startups in the past several Y-Combinator batches are using a Brex card and booking with Brex Travel.

“Business travel is generally one of the top three areas of spend, so offering 4x back on all travel spend is a very compelling value proposition for every business, from startup to larger enterprises. And with our ability to to offer that 4x back combined with seamless corporate travel bookings… It’s the ideal offering for business travel,” says TravelBank CEO Duke Chung.

We launched the Brex Travel platform with TravelBank’s hallmark features, like a modern booking interface, access to corporate rates historically only available to large companies, and 24/7 support from our team of travel agents. And of course, companies booking flights, hotels, or Airbnbs through Brex Travel or TravelBank on a qualifying Brex card will earn 4x Brex Rewards points.

TravelBank has continuously invested in the Brex Travel portal to give the most powerful embedded travel booking capabilities to Brex’s customers. In August, we made Brex Travel the first embedded booking platform to feature the new industry standard Next Generation Storefront (NGS), complete with cost-conscious inventory like basic economy fares from carriers such as Delta, American, and United, as well as low cost carriers such as Southwest, Spirit, and Frontier airlines.

Next Generation Storefront for flight bookings

For many small businesses, the bottom line matters most, making basic economy and low cost carrier fares a preferred option for those travelers who are happy to trade flexibility and convenience for the cheapest flight.

Our next step in this active and vibrant partnership is developing the ability for multi-passenger flight bookings, slated for release in mid-November, as small group travel is especially prevalent at ambitious, scaling companies. Group bookings will enable Brex Travel users to book flights for up to 7 travelers at once.

group bookings powered by TravelBank

All travelers in the booking are under the same record, which makes it easy to manage the booking, check in all travelers at the same time, and save on costs while still earning 4x Brex Rewards points. Once travel has been booked for an employee, it’s simple to book for them again, with traveler profile information such as frequent flyer and known traveler numbers saved to repopulate for the next trip.

Travel managers at startups often book travel on behalf of users outside of their organization, like recruits and contractors, and do not want them to see the cost of the ticket. With this new release, we are also giving travel managers the power to choose whether or not all travelers in the booking receive a confirmation email with or without costs, enabling them to add additional email addresses to the confirmation email, as well as offering an improved seat selection experience.

TravelBank is proud to continue partnering with Brex in their mission to help ambitious companies scale. Stay tuned as we introduce more functionality and value to this industry-leading corporate card and travel offering.