Exclusive TravelBank Rates Averaging 20% Off Hotels

What’s New

We’re excited to introduce new discounted rates to our inventory, averaging 20% off for more than 40,000 hotels. We’ve partnered directly with hotels to provide these rates exclusively to our entire community, since we know that many of our clients, being small businesses, don’t qualify for discounts with their own volume alone. As for our larger clients with their own negotiated corporate rates, they can now access and book those rates in the TravelBank app along with our TravelBank exclusive rates.

And to make the TravelBank hotel booking experience even more rewarding, this update allows users to now earn hotel loyalty points on their qualifying reservations.

Better Savings

Members using TravelBank to book their business travel gain access to discounted rates on our extensive hotel inventory, including popular hotel chains and boutique properties.

TravelBank’s exclusive rates can save users on average 20% on hotel bookings. This is especially helpful for smaller customers, whose travel spend alone typically wouldn’t allow them access to discounted rates.

On top of that, any corporate rates for companies using TravelBank will be available to their employees as well, enabling larger clients to take full advantage of their existing negotiated rates.

Comparison of OTA hotel rates and exclusive rates

Right now, whether your company has already adopted TravelBank as its travel management company or your company allows open bookings, anyone with a business email address can create an account and start booking these great rates.

Exclusive hotel rates and company negotiated rates available on TravelBank desktop

Badging System

To highlight discounted rates we’re implementing a first-of-its-kind badging system that makes it easy for business travelers to save time and money when selecting the perfect place to stay on their next trip.

Exclusive hotel rates and negotiated company rates on TravelBank mobile app

Badges will highlight a variety of exclusive rates including negotiated corporate rates for your employees and hotel rates exclusive to all TravelBank users, making them easy to find.

Loyalty Points

Additionally, users can now earn loyalty points for their favorite hotels when they book on the TravelBank desktop app.

TravelBank Desktop Hotel Loyalty Points Screen

Applicable hotel rates will be marked when they qualify to earn loyalty points so that business travelers don’t have to give up their loyalty benefits while traveling for work. Loyalty points will be available on mobile in a future update.