24/7 Support for Business Travelers

In a bind on the road? We can be reached via phone, chat, or email.

Many business travelers have learned to expect the unexpected. Inclement weather, delayed or cancelled flights, missed connections, lost luggage, and lodging issues are just a few examples of incidents that can arise. For road warriors that do not have the support of a travel management company (TMC), these scenarios can be an absolute nightmare. In addition to attending meetings, preparing presentations, and building rapport with clients and prospects, they now need to worry about rebooking flights, tracking down bags, or finding a new hotel.

Here are a few data points to consider from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics:

Weather’s Impact on Travel

The most common weather elements to cause delays are snow or ice storms and thunderstorms. Interestingly, summertime flights actually incur more weather related delays than winter. This may sound counterintuitive since news sources highlight the amount of flight delays and cancellations during major winter storms but snow and ice storms typically have 2-5 days of lead time. Therefore, airlines and passengers have more time to reschedule and redirect flights as needed.

We Provide Peace-of-Mind for Employees

On the off chance your employees are faced with a travel emergency, do they know what to do? If your organization enlists a TMC that provides round-the-clock support, your road warriors can focus on their business goals for the trip, rather than stressing over the details of getting there and back.

TravelBank’s app provides phone, email, and chat support–all available 24/7/365. Here are a few examples of how we can help, and the best channels to reach us on for the most efficient support.

Book Travel

When it comes to reserving airfare, hotels, rental cars, and even train tickets, we are more than happy to help. Our customer support reps are a fantastic resource, especially when it comes to complex, multi-city trips and building an itinerary that fits your travel needs.

Best way to contact: Chat, Email, Phone

Manage Travel

If you need to adjust an existing itinerary, let us know! This includes flight upgrades, room requests, adding luggage, or cancelling a booking.

Best way to contact: Chat, Email, Phone

Coordinate Group Travel

Planning a travel event for a group can be extremely daunting. You need to worry about coordinating airfare, ground transportation, booking the appropriate room block, and more–all while keeping everyone informed along the way. The TravelBank team is ready and willing to help you comb through the details to ensure your group travel event runs smoothly. Although support is available through any of our channels, we recommend email for this scenario as it is easy to reference when you need to recall or communicate details.

Best way to contact: Email

Handle a Travel Emergency

Flight delayed? Inclement weather? Missed connection? Hotel overbooked? We are masters at assisting road warriors in a bind. While we pride ourselves on super fast response times regardless of communication channel, in this situation it’s best to give us a ring. Our agents will stay on the phone with the traveler while they troubleshoot the scenario and work through the problem.

Best way to contact: Phone

TravelBank to the Rescue

We believe there is no better reflection on how we are doing than feedback from our customers. The TravelBank team aims to provide the best level of service possible, no matter if it’s via chat, email, or phone. Don’t just take our word for it, here are some testimonials from customers our fabulous team has supported:

Our travel concierge agents are located both domestically and internationally to support all travel destinations 24/7. What’s even better? There are no extra fees for dedicated travel support!

Contact us if you’re ready to provide your business travelers with support and peace-of-mind on the road so that they can focus on growing your business.