4 Tips for Making the Most of TravelBank

As part of our product development process, TravelBank employees have been testing the product on business trips and interviewing clients about their experiences using the app. Our most active users, and pro business travelers, provide us with some great feedback around their favorite features. Here are four tips we hear time and again for travelers who want to get the most out of the TravelBank app.

Run a budget before your trip.

The Travelator tool is prepopulated with the budget categories a business traveler needs, so submitting your trip request is a no-brainer. Pro travelers know that since our budgets are based on real-time rates (which makes it super accurate!) it’s best to book soon after submitting their budget. Rates are always fluctuating.

Take a look at TravelBank flights.

TravelBank flights make it easy to find your perfect flight. We prioritize the amenities business travelers need, like wifi and power outlets. And you don’t have to hunt for the best deal. We serve it right up for you.

Know that the budget is flexible.

With flexible budgets, there are endless ways to “hack” your perfect business trip. For example if you’ve been dying to try this really cool Airbnb that’s a bit pricey, stick to some good cheap eats in your destination to make up the difference or use the kitchen and cook your meals. But if a business class flight experience is what you’re after, see if you have any friends in your destination that will let you crash at their place in exchange for a nice dinner. It’s up to you how you come under budget, so get creative.

Take clients to lunch and dinner.

Pro business travelers are so successful because they make the most of their time. Taking clients to lunch and dinner increases productivity and most travel policies allow you to exclude the meal from your budget if you are picking it up as client entertainment. It’s a win-win-win for the business traveler, the company and the client.

Download TravelBank for iPhone and Android today or try our free Travelator to calculate a budget for your next trip based on real-market rates.

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