How Much My 3-Day Business Trip in NYC Cost

With TravelBank you can calculate a budget that predicts how much your next business trip should cost before the trip even happens. The algorithm uses real-time market data and industry standards for business travel to generate an accurate trip budget.

When you book travel and add a new expense, the budget is updated to reflect how much you’ve spent. Here’s exactly what a spent during 3 days and nights in NYC.

I began my trip taking a taxi, then switched to Uber for better fares. When I didn’t have my coworker to split my Uber fares with, I would take the subway. The public transit system in NYC is efficient and easy to navigate with the help of Google maps. I would enter my destination, click for directions and toggle to public transportation.

I went over on the daily allowance portion of my budget. But with TravelBank’s flexible budgets, you can spend your budget however you choose as long as you beat the total budget. NYC has some great restaurants so I decided to save in other categories to free up some of my budget for food.

The category I saved the most on was lodging. I stayed at the Cosmopolitan Hotel Tribeca, which offers amazing rates and accommodations for business travelers, right downtown. To save even more, I spent my last night with a friend knowing her apartment was closer to the airport. As a thank you, I took her out to dinner with some of my saved budget – a huge perk of using TravelBank. I’d much rather save my trip budget to enjoy a nice dinner with friends.

I’ve noticed that airfare tends to be so competitive, and the TravelBank budget is so accurate, that it can be difficult to save a major amount in this category without making major sacrifices. I was able to save a bit on my flights though by selecting the early morning flights.

Overall, I saved $557.22 on my budget which translates to 27,861 points that I can redeem through the TravelBank Rewards store with services like Uber, Lyft, RedAwning and Airbnb.

For tips on where to eat, stay and work, and what to see and do on your next business trip to New York City check out this NYC destination guide for business travelers.

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