Simplify your work life.

Just because it's called "work" doesn't mean it has to feel like it. Explore the key features TravelBank has to offer for business travel, expense management, concierge support, and company administration.

An Upgraded Business
Travel Experience

Employees can access a curated flight bookings platform with special corporate rates to book flights for business travel.
Booking lodging is an essential part of the business travel experience. Enjoy access to over 500,000 hotel properties and homesharing options.
Flexible travel policies
Customize and enforce a flexible travel policy. Anything over budget is flagged and sent you for approval before its booked.
Social Seating
Custom flight results allow you to book based on your colleagues’ itineraries to save you time.
24/7 Personal Travel Concierge
Enjoy 24/7/365 chat, phone, and email support.
Wifi, Power & More
Icons indicate the amenities you need to make your trip productive and comfortable.
Custom recommendations
We predict the best suggestions for business travelers and learn your preferences to deliver future recommendations tailored to you.
Car rentals
Drivers can book premium car rentals with the help of TravelBank agent.


A win-win for you and your team.

Reduce T&E spend up to 30% by offering employees more flexibility and rewarding them when they come under budget.

Delightful Expense Management

Expense Reports
Streamline your expense management with a solution that automates expense reports, one-tap approvals and visibility into your business spend.
Flexible Budgets
Predict spend and align incentives with budgets, for both travel and collaborative projects.
Snap and Go
Our unique camera-first design encourages users to capture receipt photos faster than ever before.
Instant Scan
We auto-complete receipts in seconds, not minutes. For additional automation, employees can sync their credit card.
Currency Conversion
We convert expenses in over 150 currencies to USD automatically for international travelers.
Track Mileage
Add your miles driven and we’ll automatically calculate the reimbursement amount.


It’s your turn to earn.

Employees earn rewards when they book travel and beat the average fare. Points are redeemable in the TravelBank rewards store on services like giftcards, Lyft, Airbnb, and more.

Company Administration

  1. Security
  2. Reimbursements
  3. General ledger
  4. Cross Platform
  5. User management
  • Security

    Advanced security systems protect against unauthorized transactions and safeguard your company’s sensitive information.
  • Reimbursements

    Improve employee satisfaction by offering direct deposit reimbursements, available for $1 per transaction. Contact us to upgrade from our default 3-day reimbursement schedule to 24-hour.
  • General ledger

    Optimize TravelBank to fit your general ledger. Sync data between general ledger systems like QuickBooks, NetSuite,, and Xero.
  • Cross platform

    TravelBank goes where you go. Manage your team’s travel and expenses from anywhere with our iOS and Android apps, or on the web.
  • User management

    Add employees, keep track of team activity, setup policies, and approve budgets and reports.
General ledger
Cross platform
User management