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Track & report on every metric.

Increase visibility with a user-friendly and fully customizable dashboard that allows you to monitor all of your spend, employee expenses, leakage, and trends in one place.
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Premium Insights


Premium Insights streamlines the ability for both admins and department managers to track and report on every metric within their respective teams. With expenses and bookings captured in one place, you can customize and export data to monitor real-time spend and compliance as employees expense against company policies.


Automate Your Alerts
Schedule hourly, daily, or weekly Insight reports to your inbox. Set up trigger reports that are sent to your inbox anytime there’s an exception or a threshold is met.
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Alert Feature
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Get Data at a Glance

With Premium Insights, you gain access to a summary of items in your organization, including receipts for both travel and expenses, top savers, approval compliance, high spend items, and even airfare and hotel booking leakage.

On the expense side, see all expense reports that have been submitted at any given time – and which are outstanding.

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Track Expenses

Quickly learn more about the high-level state of your organization’s spend, and use travel and expense dashboards get a more focused view into each area of spend.

Monitor total savings against your travel policy, and identify how often employees are booking over or under budget.

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Predict Costs

Use historical data as benchmarks to help forecast future spend and improve employee behavior.

View expense spend by category to monitor categories spending outside of budget.

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Custom Reporting

Use your spend data to build configurable reports that answer more specific questions.

  • Analyze the top vendors your company expenses by categories like advertising, lodging, or software
  • See where your highest spenders are traveling and their expense submission timeliness
  • See how employee adoption and compliance with the booking platform changes over time

Save company money when you manage spend in one place

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Answers to your questions.
What is expense reporting?
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Expense reporting is the process of managing and documenting expenses incurred by employees for business purposes. It involves tracking, submitting, and reimbursing expenses, as well as generating reports to gain insights into business spending.

Why do I need expense reporting software?
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Expense reporting software helps streamline the expense management process. It allows employees to capture receipts, enter expenses, and submit them for approval. It also enables managers to review, approve, and track expenses, ensuring compliance with company policies and simplifying reimbursement.

What are the benefits of using expense reporting software?
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Using expense reporting software offers several benefits, such as:

- Automating the expense tracking and reporting process
- Providing real-time visibility into business spending
- Saving time and reducing errors associated with manual expense management
- Enforcing expense policies and ensuring compliance
- Generating insights to make data-driven decisions

What features should I look for in expense reporting software?
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When selecting expense reporting software, consider the following features:

- Expense tracking and categorization
- Receipt and document management
- Approval workflows and notifications
- Integration with accounting software
- Reporting and analytics
- Mobile app for capturing expenses on-the-go

How can expense reporting software improve expense management?
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Expense reporting software improves expense management by:

- Automating the process, reducing manual effort
- Eliminating paper receipts through digital receipt management
- Enforcing policies and ensuring compliance
- Providing real-time insights into business spending
- Reducing reimbursement processing time

What is an expense reporting dashboard?
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An expense reporting dashboard is a software tool designed to help businesses manage their expenses efficiently. It provides a centralized platform where employees can submit and track their expenses, and managers can monitor and analyze expense data.

The dashboard typically includes features such as expense submission forms, receipt uploads, expense approval workflows, and real-time expense tracking. It allows employees to easily record their expenses, categorize them, and attach supporting receipts. Managers can review and approve expenses, set company policies and spending limits, and generate reports and analytics to gain insights into spending patterns and trends.

An expense reporting dashboard aims to streamline the expense management process by automating manual tasks, reducing paperwork, and improving accuracy and compliance. It provides transparency and control over expenses, ensuring adherence to company policies and budget limits. The dashboard also enables timely reimbursement of expenses to employees, improving overall employee satisfaction and reducing administrative burden.

Overall, an expense reporting dashboard helps businesses save time, improve cost control, and make informed financial decisions based on accurate and up-to-date expense data.

Invest in a predictable T&E process with forward-looking insights.
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