TravelBank takes data privacy seriously.

You can have the best of both worlds. We're committed to providing a secure platform for managing your expense and travel data, while delivering world class products and service.

How we protect your data.

Data security has been a core tenet of our culture from day one. Learn how TravelBank helps keep your data secure through a combination of investments in physical security, privacy practices, encryption, ownership, and vulnerability management.
Physical Security

TravelBank systems are hosted securely within AWS, offering strong physical data center security and environmental controls.

Data Privacy

We respect your privacy. Our trained team members only use your data on an as-needed basis to provide support and access is regularly monitored.

Data Encryption

Rest assured knowing all of your data is encrypted both at rest and in transit using the latest industry standard technologies.


Our architecture allows us to proudly stand behind our track record of 99.9% uptime, providing you with the confidence necessary to focus on your core business products and services.

Data Recovery

Our data centers are regularly backed up, and we maintain a maximum of 12-hour RTO and RPO to prevent and minimize data loss.

Vulnerability Management

We regularly scan for threats including OWASP top 10, and continually perform penetration tests to ensure a secure environment.


At TravelBank, we use various third party vendors to help us provide you the best possible service. Each vendor we choose goes through a rigorous and standard security review to ensure compliance with or above our own security standards. Although this list may change from time to time, you may always request a list of our currently active vendors.


TravelBank holds and maintains several certifications for security and privacy.