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Upgrade your U.S. Bank Instant Card® experience with TravelBank.

Power your business with an integrated virtual card, expense management, and travel solution. Enjoy real-time visibility, built-in budgets, and expert customer support.

Control spend, track expenses, and manage budgets with TravelBank + U.S. Bank Instant Card.

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Who benefits from Instant Card?

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Booking a business trip and paying at the hotel.
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Paying vendors for a company event.
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Flying in a candidate for an on-site interview.
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Procuring gas and supplies for a project.
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Charging project-related expenditures.

Finance teams get more value with a complete expense management, travel, and payments solution.

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Control Spend & Gain Visibility
Issue unlimited Instant Cards. Set budgets and expiration dates, and manage everything in one place so you can track spending and compliance in real-time.
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Enable Contactless Payment
Use assigned virtual cards immediately. For physical payments, integrate securely with Apple Pay or Google Pay through proprietary authentication technology that reduces fraud and eliminates additional bank approvals.
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Integrate Expense Reporting
Manage budgets and review transactions in TravelBank for real-time visibility, and automatically sync with your general ledger for easy reconciliation.
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Travel Booking Made Easy
Create a trip budget and let travelers book in the TravelBank app. Faxed card authorizations are old news. Use Instant Card to book and pay for hotel stays.
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With TravelBank, we get better rates, and have better tracking and controls. It’s an all-around improvement.
Rene Crosswhite, GardaWorld, Senior VP of Finance and Administration
Effortlessly add users and manage privileges. TravelBank tracks spending, offers great reporting and analytics.
Raymond L., LendingHome
TravelBank helps us to keep costs in check and empowers employees to manage their expenses responsibly.
Paul Watson, Ledbury, Co-Founder
I'm careful with company spend because I treat it like my money. With TravelBank, I can instill the same mentality for my employees.
Evan Liang, LeanData, CEO
Using TravelBank is the equivalent to hiring a people operations coordinator in house - it takes care of all the little things.
Jennifer L., JumpCut
TravelBank is intuitive and makes a lot of sense. The user interface is great, and using the platform is seamless. It saves me hours.
Homaira, Freenome, Administrative Assistant
TravelBank automates tasks, approval process, payroll. Algorithms save money. Empowers dept. heads in expense management.
Marshall Thomason, FiscalNote, Controller
We now get visibility into travel before it happens and receipt compliance is close to 100%!
Rob Bailor, FiscalNote, Senior Director of Finance
Employees are motivated by the incentives to book more discounted flights. Educated travelers save more.
Kandi Phillips, Clearlink, Perks and Events Manager
TravelBank incentivizes employees to save T&E budget. They book Airbnbs or stay with friends to cut costs. Penny saved is penny earned.
Evan L., G2, CEO
With TravelBank, we get better rates, and have better tracking and controls. It’s an all-around improvement.
Rene Crosswhite, GardaWorld, Senior VP of Finance and Administration

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