May 2024

Card Activation via My Card

Users who receive a Commercial Rewards Card can activate their card from the My Cards dashboard, giving them additional flexibility. The data fields will pre-populate, saving users time during the activation process.

Screenshot of the credit card management module in TravelBank with options to activate or deactivate cards and a verification code prompt on the right for user identity verification.

Flight Hold for Select Airlines

Travelers flying United, American Airlines, and Lufthansa Group, are able to hold flight bookings while awaiting approval from their managers. Managers have clear visibility into when the hold expires so they can approve the request in a timely manner, while travelers benefit from guaranteed seats and prices.

Screenshot of a flight request from the Manager's perspective showing details of a submitted flight itinerary and total costs. A reminder to approve the request by a specific deadline is highlighted in orange.

In the approvals dashboard, managers will see an expiration date associated with the employee’s flight request.

A TravelBank email notification showing a

Travelers will be notified via email that the flight request is pending manager approval.

Screenshot of a flight booking confirmation screen. It shows a one-way flight from JFK (New York) to SFO (San Francisco) on May 17, 2024, departing at 8:00 AM and arriving at 2:28 PM. Approval pending.

Within their Pending Trips list, travelers will see a detail showing the booking request is pending manager approval and its expiration date.

Approval Times for Expense Report in Premium Insights

Additional metrics have been added to the Premium Insights Expense Report, which gives Admins easy visibility into the time it takes for managers to approve expense reports. Admins are able to view both the time taken from submission to approval and for each stage of approval.

April 2024

Payment Page Redesign

The Payment page has been redesigned to give Commercial Rewards Card admins an instant view of the details pertaining to their credit available and payment status. Admins can see:

  • The credit available for the card program by managing account 
  • Last payment amount and date it was paid
  • Statement balance and due date

Organizations with Prepay cards have a more relevant view, which includes the available and pending amount for their cards.

Additionally, to improve the user experience, the payment slide out window only reflects options available on the account, so when a posted balance is less than the statement balance the admin will not see an option to pay the statement balance.

Screenshot of Commercial Rewards Card payment management dashboard showing options for managing accounts, available credit, last payment, and statuses with tabs for adding a payment account and making a payment.

Travel Custom Fields SFTP Sync

Organizations that require frequent updates or a large quantity of travel custom fields can make changes en masse using a CSV file upload via SFTP, improving operational efficiency.

March 2024

Carbon Emissions Data & Offsets

Travelers booking flights can see carbon emissions data displayed during their search, empowering individuals to make better-informed decisions regarding their carbon footprint. Travelers are able to easily compare flights using advanced CO2 performance metrics, such as aircraft type, routing and more. Contact to activate this feature.

A screenshot of an online flight booking interface displaying different flight options with details such as price, travel time, and carbon emissions.

Carbon emission data displays during the flight search.

A TravelBank screenshot displaying a carbon offset purchase option for flight emissions with details on flight route, co2 emissions, and cost.

Travelers can purchase carbon offsets as they book flights.

A TravelBank user's flight itinerary displaying an outbound trip from sfo to jfk with flight details and options to modify or cancel the booking, superimposed on a cityscape background featuring the reflective cloud gate sculpture.

A green leaf icon notes which flights have carbon offsets purchased.

Export Reimbursable Expenses Only on Expense Export

Admins can refine their Expense export settings by choosing to export solely reimbursable expenses, giving them greater control over their workflow.

A screenshot of TravelBank expense expense export options to select date range, report status, department, and a toggle for reimbursable expenses only.

Fade Animation for Recently Scanned Receipts

Once a receipt has been successfully scanned, users will be delighted to see an animation on that expense row, drawing attention to the new receipt.

A screenshot detail of an animation for a new expense in TravelBank against a dashboard displaying various transactions.

Delegate Permissions

Admins can set specific permissions for delegates, reducing the audit and compliance challenges previously encountered with unrestricted access. This update allows admins to specify delegate permissions for expense and travel approvals.

A screenshot of adding settings in TravelBank for delegate permission settings with toggle switches for expense report approvals.

Expense Custom Fields SFTP Sync

Organizations which require frequent updates or a large quantity of expense custom fields are able to make changes en masse using a CSV file upload via SFTP, improving operational efficiency.

Expense Categories SFTP Sync

Organizations which require frequent updates or a large quantity of expense categories are able to make changes en masse using a CSV file upload via SFTP, improving operational efficiency.

Additional Filters for Core Insights

Reporting admins can find data faster with new filters for select reports in Core Insights. For Reports Created but Not Submitted, users can apply filters for the date an expense report was created, report status, and user name. For the Travel Transactions report, new filters include credit card, booking type, booking status, and user name.

Approvals Pending Report

With the Approvals Pending report, Premium Insights admins can view all submitted expense reports which are pending approval and who the approver is, giving them the visibility they need to make the follow up and submission process faster.

Expense Accrual Report Enhancements

Enhancements to the Expense Accrual report in Premium Insights captures the stages of outstanding expenses and their related data, giving admins a centralized source for information needed for accrual accounting. The stages include expenses created but not added to a report, expenses added but not submitted for approval, and expenses submitted but pending approval.

Schedule Reports from the Travel Tracker in Premium Insights

For greater flexibility, Premium Insights admins can schedule their reports directly in the Travel Tracker, as well as modify their existing schedule.

February 2024

Online Card Activation

Users who receive a Commercial Rewards Card can activate their card from the Commercial Rewards login portal, giving them the flexibility to activate it online.

An image showing the login screen for Commercial Rewards in TravelBank.

Users see the card activation path in the area below the login.
A screenshot of the card activation screen which prompts users to input the details of their card.

The card activation screen prompts users to enter the details of their card.

Hotel Grouping

Travelers gain a more visually intuitive way to explore hotel options. Areas with a high concentration of hotel options are grouped by quantity within the map, which users can zoom in to view individual hotels.

A screenshot of the map view in TravelBank showing hotels in Los Angeles.

Account G/L (External Account ID) Column on Transaction Report

Admins and Finance users can add the “Account G/L” column to the Transactions Export report, removing the need to reference the expense report for this data and allowing them to reconcile their corporate card faster.

Transaction Export settings screenshot in TravelBank.

January 2024

Hotel Map View Enhancements

Travelers gain a more comprehensive and visually intuitive way to explore hotel options with:

  • The flexibility to choose their view as a list or combined map and list
  • The ability to view rooms within the map view
A screenshot of the Hotel Map and List view in TravelBank.

Travelers can toggle between a Map and List View or simple List view.
A screenshot of room types available within a hotel.

Travelers can view the room options and hotel details from the Map screen.


Receipt Scanning Enhancements

Receipts that are uploaded into TravelBank automatically generate a new expense, which populates with data read from the receipt, making it easier than ever to complete your expenses while reducing errors from manual entry. With these enhancements, you can now:

  • Quickly drag and drop up to 10 receipts at a time.
  • Conveniently forward receipts via email to
  • Extract critical data automatically, including date, merchant name, transaction amount, invoice number, and tip amount.
  • Scan a variety of document types in different languages and currencies, making our new technology a great fit for today’s global business needs.
A screen shot of a receipt upload screen in the TravelBank web app which allows up to 10 receipts to be uploaded at one time.

Users can drag and drop up to 10 receipts at a time. Critical data will be automatically extracted, including date, merchant name, transaction amount (in any currency), invoice number, and tips.

Cardholder Demographic Updates

Commercial Rewards Card admin are able to add additional fields to the employee’s profile, which include their phone number, organization name, activation code, and card nickname, enhancing the card creation and management experience. The relevant details also populate to the card preview image.

A detail image of the demographic fields which can be inputted for the employees Commercial Reward Card.

December 2023

Flight Modifications Expanded to All Airlines

Previously released for United, Lufthansa, and American Airlines, travelers booking all other airlines save time with the ability to self-modify flight reservations.

A screenshot of the booking page for a flight change.

Preferred and Premium Seats for Select Airlines

Travelers can book preferred and premium paid seats for United, American Airlines, and Lufthansa Group, eliminating the extra step required to contact an agent.

Book Hotel Special Rates

Specialty rates, such as AAA, AARP, Senior, and Government, are displayed under the hotel room, trip card, and email details, providing travelers more options to optimize their travel preferences. (Email to activate this feature.)

A screen shot of a booking page for a hotel and booking the government rate.

Enhanced Hotel Filters at the Room Level

Travelers are able to refine their hotel search results at the room level using filters based on loyalty status, rewards program, cancellation policy, and rate types, making it easier for them to isolate their ideal preferences.

A screen shot of a booking page on a website based on hotel loyalty.

New Hotel Card Design

Travelers can see the hotel card redesigned within their search results.

A hotel search card in TravelBank.

20 Department Limit

To improve the user experience, employees can only be assigned to a maximum of 20 departments by admins.

Block or Unblock Employees from Auto-Joining

Admins can block or unblock auto-joining of users to their organization, giving them more flexibility on how they manage their organization. When enabled, users with a organization’s email domain are unable to automatically join the account when they sign up for TravelBank.

Configuration in TravelBank to control join settings.

November 2023

Attach Multiple Receipts to One Expense

Users can manage receipts more efficiently with the ability to upload up to 10 receipts at a time to a single expense, including PDF files which contain multiple images. Once uploaded, they can easily click through each receipt to view details or delete as needed.

A screen showing the multiple receipt workflow in the create new expense screen.

View Split Summary

Employees and users who are assigned as an approver gain an improved view of each expense split without the extra clicks. Split summary details are immediately viewable including Amount, Category, Department, and two Custom Fields. The ability to expand or collapse each expense helps with overall readability. Learn how to use the split summary view.

A screenshot of Splits, with a breakdown of a transaction.

Hotel Filters

Travelers are able to refine their hotel search results by applying filters for hotel chain, brand level and individual hotels, and amenities, making it easier for them to isolate their ideal preferences.

A screen shot of a hotel booking page with new hotel filters.

Travel Custom Text Fields

Gather more granular details to optimize reporting, such as creating tags for cost centers or an out of policy reason code with custom travel fields. Admins have the flexibility to create custom fields either as a dropdown or an open text field, which can then be marked as optional or required. Learn how to set up a travel custom field.

Screenshot of custom field manager in TravelBank.

October 2023

Expanded Volume Capacity for Custom Fields

Organizations that have a large quantity of Custom Field options can view up to 15 options on a list and have the ability to search for fields that surpass that quantity. Admins can also easily search or scroll the fields as they add or edit options.

A screenshot of a custom field in a mobile and desktop app.

Activity Log Section in Expense Report PDF

Previously displayed as Comments in the expense report PDF, the new Activity Log area provides more details on activities related to the report–including comments and approvals–improving overall visibility of actions taken.

Travelbank activity log report.

Expense Policy on Expense & Transaction Report

An employee’s assigned expense policy can be included as a new data column when exporting expenses from Company Settings > Expenses > Expense Export and when exporting transactions from Manage > Transactions > Export, giving admins more visibility.

A screenshot of the column configurations screen.

Split Details on Transaction Report

Organizations with Splits enabled have a more streamlined reconciliation experience with the ability to view split-related data on the transaction report. Data includes Split Department, Category, and Custom Fields, Split Amount (USD), and Split Amount (FX/Foreign Exchange).

A table showing the amount of a transaction broken down into split amounts.

Approved By Name Column in Expense Report

Admins are able to quickly see who approved an expense within a new “Approved By Name” column in an expense report to aid in faster follow up if needed.

Increased Discounts for Hotels

Users now have access to additional exclusive rates on select hotel chains, which add a 12-15% discount when booking in TravelBank.

Modify Flight Bookings for Select Airlines

Travelers save time with the ability to self-modify United, American Airlines, and Lufthansa Group flight reservations.

A screenshot of the TravelBank flight booking app on a phone.