OnRamp Streamlines Expense Reconciliation with TravelBank

“My co-worker sent a report to me, and I’m thinking “Why are we not using this? Why is everyone here not using this?” It sped things up so much that I’m able to get expense reconciliation done in less than a day now.”

– Sherrie Atkinson, Accounts Payable

OnRamp Highlights

Company Overview

Since 1994, OnRamp has been a top name in data security, and has made a career of helping clients successfully protect highly sensitive information and critical IT infrastructure. As the operator of multiple enterprise-class data centers, OnRamp partners with businesses in heavily regulated industries to guide them through the complexities of data security and industry compliance, and creates custom solutions that fulfill each company’s unique requirements.

Finding a Better Way to Handle Expense Reconciliation

In 2017, OnRamp was looking for a better way to handle expense reconciliation. “At the time, we were using Excel spreadsheets and paper receipts, and it was definitely not worth it,” says Joel Martin, Senior Manager of Customer Operations. In fact, their analog approach to tracking and reporting was a pain point for the entire team. “It was really time consuming for me,” adds Sherrie Atkinson, OnRamp’s Accounts Payable Lead. “Sometimes it took up to three days to handle monthly reporting. I kept thinking, ‘There has to be a better way of doing this.’”

Joel, a seasoned business traveler who’s usually on the road, took his search to the App Store. “When I found TravelBank, I was excited because it was very easy to use,” he says, “and when I reached out via the support chat, they responded immediately and were able to help me out instantly.” When Joel shared his experience with Sherrie, she was just as excited. “Joel started using TravelBank to track his AMEX expenses,” says Atkinson. “He sent his report to me, and I’m like, ‘Why is everyone here not using this?’”

Onboarding in Record Time

Joel connected with TravelBank to expand the relationship, and “it became a partnership almost immediately.” TravelBank worked closely with Joel, quickly assessed his team’s needs, and created a personalized training custom-tailored for OnRamp’s medium-sized business.

TravelBank’s Customer Success Team flew out to help the team get started with all-in-one expense reporting and travel booking. “The level of account management is incredible, and it’s a cool team with good people,” says Joel. “We wanted to make sure that our company was trained to cut down cost for both travel and expense, and everybody here is on TravelBank now. Overall, it’s been an awesome experience, and it was pretty fast.” From initial contact to full onboarding took a mere four months, a fraction of the time it can take a traditional software provider to onboard and troubleshoot an organization.

The Perfect All-In-One Solution

Now that the team is up and running, they’re reaping the benefits of using TravelBank for both travel booking and expense reconciliation. According to Joel, “It’s quick, easy, and you get to roll in and save on your travel, which is probably 75% of my expenditures. Being able to do all that automatically is the best thing you can have. TravelBank saves us a ton of time and paperwork and chaos.”

TravelBank has also helped streamline work for Accounts Payable. “Beforehand, there was so much stress involved in trying to get the American Express bill reconciled each month and get expense descriptions clear enough for auditors,” says Sherrie. “TravelBank has made it so much easier to cover those bases and has sped things up so much that I’m able to get monthly reporting done in less than a day now. Plus, a lot of our staff are saying the expense tracking software made their life a lot easier, and they really feel like this has helped them. It’s been a great tool for us.”

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