The Coolest Temporary Workspaces for Business Travelers

There’s something to be said for a change of (work) location. Switching up your workspace can get the creativity flowing, prevent in-office distractions and amp up your motivation.

But sometimes, the local coffee shop just won’t do. Like when you need to take a call in a quiet space or want to host a meeting without the background ambience of a coffee grinder.

It can be tough to find the right spot, especially when you’re on the road. But there are a variety of flexible workspaces popping up in major cities. Next time you need the perfect office space on the road, this list has you covered.

For the last minute meeting in SF: Recharge

Recharge let’s you book luxury hotel rooms in the Bay Area by the hour. It’s perfect if you have a last minute meeting pop up on your calendar and need a quiet space to take the call. It’s also great for hosting small group meetings or freshening up if you arrive in San Francisco too early to check into your own hotel room.

For the annual conference traveler: Breather

Breather offers hourly rentals for conference rooms, studio space and private workspaces. In addition to renting out spaces in the Bay Area, Breather offers rentals in Chicago, New York City, Boston, DC, Toronto, Montreal and London. It’s an ideal option if you have a meeting or two during your next conference trip and need a space you can book in advance.

For the month long work project: LiquidSpace

LiquidSpace is like the Airbnb of workspaces. You have the flexibility of booking an office, a desk or a conference room as an hourly or monthly rental. It’s available in most major cities in the US, Australia and Canada. It’s a great solution for the business traveler on an extended work project.

For the frequent flyer: WeWork

WeWork offers monthly workspace rentals with annual membership options. Rental options range from a single “hot desk” to private offices for an entire team. Certain membership levels provide you with access to multiple workspaces in major cities so WeWork is ideal for the frequent flyer who may need a desk in New York one day and San Francisco the next.

WeWork just opened a brand new space in the Embarcadero center in San Francisco, with sweeping views of downtown. Their Battery Park office in New York City features large open spaces and a Blue Bottle at the bottom of building. In DC, their K Street office is conveniently located and a bright, open space.

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