What’s Your Flight Style?

When it comes time to book a flight, you likely have your routine figured out – especially as a frequent business traveler. It all boils down to the set of preferences that make up your flight style. So what’s yours?

While the most seasoned of road warriors know exactly which flight they like to take, with which airline, and rarely stray from this tried and true itinerary, the new millennial business traveler might want to try out the full range of options and collect some cool FOMO-inducing experiences (to share with their followers) along the way.

So which inflight amenities do you care about most?

TravelBank Flight Style Q1

Do you prefer the comfort of an upgraded seat and plenty of space, or earning enough points to cover your next personal vacation?

TravelBank Flight Style Q2

And are you in a rush to get there and back, or is your schedule more flexible than that?

TravelBank Flight Style Q3

Take note of your answers, and then read on for the rundown of your flight style and a corresponding list of your must-have flight amenities.

Get It Done (mostly answered A’s)

You’re here for business, and you mean business. You don’t wait in TSA lines and slide up to your gate just in time for boarding. After stowing your methodically packed, regulation size carry-on in the overhead bin, you pull out your laptop and look for an outlet to plug in. Your time in air will be spent briefing for your next meeting, responding to emails, and preparing tomorrow’s presentation, so this aircraft needs to have wifi, and it better be good.

Your Must-Have Flight Amenities
You need a flight with the best wifi, power available at all seats, and above average legroom (you need space to work). You know that you need to book premium economy or score an upgrade on most airline to have these amenities. When it comes to filtering search results, you’re looking for the shortest duration, earliest arrival, and nonstop. That’s a nonnegotiable.

Social Butterfly (mostly answered B’s)

You’re favorite business trips are the ones when you get to travel with your coworkers. Annual conferences, team offsites, customer events. You’re schedule, and suitcase, are packed because there are so many people to see and places to be. You don’t even mind arriving at the airport early because you can grab a glass of wine and unwind with your work wife. Bonus points if she has elite status and can get you into a lounge.

Your Must-Have Flight Amenities
Wouldn’t it be nice to have a booking platform that shows you which flight your coworker booked? Well good news – that’s exactly what TravelBank does! So you can quickly book the same itinerary and even select a seat next to them. Oh and you might need to check a bag (for all those events you’re attending of course). Don’t worry, we won’t tell the other business travelers you’re not in the carry-on only club.

Here for the Experience (mostly answered C’s)

You don’t always get to travel on someone else’s dime, so when you get scheduled for a business trip, you can’t help but feel a little excitement. The way you see it: what’s the benefit of getting to travel for work if you don’t enjoy it, right? So bring on the experiences! Flying on a private jet for the cost of commercial? Yes please. Fresh food and drinks in flight? You’re in! You don’t even mind paying a little extra for an upgrade as long as it fits in your trip budget. You’re going to kick back and relax on this flight so that when you land you can hit the ground running.

Your Must-Have Flight Amenities
Look out for flights with device streaming (preferably free) or on demand and live tv. It’s also helpful to have power outlets to keep your device charged (you don’t want to miss the chance to snap any Insta-worthy moments!). It’s an extra bonus if you can find a flight serving fresh food or score an upgrade. And when you’re flying certain routes, you know to look out for those one-of-a-kind private jet experiences for the cost of a commercial flight.

The Points Guy (mostly answered D’s)

You’re constantly fielding questions about how you get to travel so much, and your secret is that you’re a master at maximizing rewards. When you travel for work you carefully plan out your itinerary, book the flight with the most rewards and then call your friend to make sure you can crash in the spare bedroom. Because you know, the more you save, the more you can earn. And the more you earn on business travel, the more personal vacations you can book with those rewards! For you, flying out of OAK instead of SFO is barely a sacrifice if it means you can book that dream rental for your next adventure in Mexico City.

Your Must-Have Flight Amenities
When it comes to amenities, the bottom line is you’re flexible. What you’re really after are the rewards – which you know are easiest to earn on TravelBank by filtering search results to show most rewards or lowest price. You’re an expert at travel hacking and don’t mind making a few compromises like flying at a different time, adding a stop, or flying out of a different airport to secure the best deal.

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