Good Cheap Eats: West Village, NYC on $74 a day

Last updated: September 2023

My last trip to New York City was rainy so most of the trip was spent hopping between meetings, a co-working space and numerous restaurants.

Thankfully, my friend Caitlin, a local of the area, had plenty of recommendations for where to eat, snack and sip. She kept her picks to the West Village, just a short subway ride from my hotel in Tribeca. It’s her favorite neighborhood to head after work for happy hour and dinner.

The best part about this list? These restaurants serve up some delicious options within the $74 per diem budgeted for food in NYC. The TravelBank budget bases your daily allowances at $17 for breakfast, $18 for lunch and $34 for dinner based on current NYC prices.

Great places to entertain your clients for dinner in the West Village NYC


Rosemary’s is open and airy with lights strung up everywhere. It’s a great spot for grabbing a glass of wine and they also serve some really good pasta and cheese. They don’t take reservations, but if you get there earlier in the evening, it’s easy to grab a table. This restaurant is a good spot for entertaining clients.

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Morandi is a rustic Italian trattoria and has a similar feel to Rosemary’s. A big plus is that they take reservations. It’s also a popular spot for brunch.


This place is really old school Italian but the pasta dishes are incredible! The spinach gnocchi melts in your mouth. The only downside is it’s cash only, but it’s worth it! Malatesta is great to go with a group.

Numero 28

Numero 28 makes amazing brick oven pizza and has an old school feel as well. It’s cash only and can accommodate a group.

13 amazing restaurants in NYC West Village

Aria Wine Bar

Aria Wine Bar is a good spot to meet up with a friend and enjoy a dinner for two. It has a bunch of small plates and great wine. It is best for smaller parties and fills up fast.


Moustache is another cash only place but it has amazing Mediterranean if you’re in the mood for that! The hummus is incredible.

Where to eat in NYC on your next business trip

Olio e Piu

Olio e Piu is also Italian and serves brick oven pizza. They have great food and atmosphere with a lot of outdoor seating options. They take reservations too.

Tortilla Flats

Tortilla Flats is just really fun! It’s Mexican and perfect if you want to snack on chips and salsa and sip on margaritas. It’s on the casual side but they have all these fun decorations and good music. This place is great for a group.


The walls are garage-style doors that open up to the street so you’re basically eating outside. Barbuto is great for grabbing a few cocktails or a glass of wine, and the food always looks delicious too!

Good cheap eats for the business traveler in NYC


Ofrenda is another Mexican spot with great happy hour specials. They have a jalapeno margarita that is really good if you’re in the mood for spicy!


Murray’s Cheese Bar

You may have seen Murray’s cheeses for sale in stores across the US. They were originally a cheese shop that grew over the years and now they have a restaurant! Everything there is cheesy and amazing.

Where to eat on your business trip in NYC West Village

The Butcher’s Daughter

Editor’s note – As a bonus brunch recommendation, I’d add The Butcher’s Daughter to this list. This adorable brunch spot offers plenty of delicious (and healthy!) options, and you just may find yourself dining next to a celebrity. Definitely order the avocado toast, it’s so good and filling.

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