Flight Bookings for the Modern Business Traveler

Today we are excited to announce our in-app flight booking experience with more than 200 airlines including JetBlue, Copa, and Virgin Atlantic! Now, users can easily search for and book the perfect flight for their business trip, all within the TravelBank app.

TravelBank already allows users to easily create and submit expense reports for rapid reimbursement and with the addition of flights, users can now book air travel directly in-app and have the receipt automatically added to the respective expense report.

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Our flight experience uniquely provides:

Social Seating
With TravelBank you can see which flights and seats have been reserved by your colleagues, so you can pick that seat right next to your co-worker, or not.

Personalized Recommendations
TravelBank learns user’s preferences over time and brings the best flights for each user to the top of their search results.

Concierge Tagging
TravelBank labels flights by value, shortest to destination and best chance of upgrade, among other features, so that is it easy to weigh the options and make your flight selection efficiently.

24/7 Customer Support
When you book through TravelBank, customer service is free and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week with US-based travel agents.

Earn Even More TravelBank Points
In addition to earning points for beating your budget, you can now earn points with every flight booked, redeemable for personal use with rewards partners including Uber, Lyft, RedAwning, and more.


Check out the TravelBank booking experience with your work email to access the full inventory.

Download TravelBank today or try our free Travelator to calculate a budget for your next trip based on real-market rates.

We are here for you.
Contact us anytime for support, questions or feedback on your experience using TravelBank. Send feedback through the app or email us at support@travelbank.com.
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