Rewards Are Here!

TravelBank already helps companies save money with flexible, predictive budgets. And now we are excited to launch TravelBank Rewards, giving employees more incentive to save than ever before.

When employees make smarter spending decisions, like flying economy or staying with a friend, they can now earn rewards for coming under budget. The savings are split between the company and the employee. The company continues to save, and now the employee can get rewarded. It’s a win-win!

These points can be redeemed for sweet rewards with our exciting new Rewards Store partners! Some of our very first partners are Uber, Lyft, RedAwning, and a few other popular gig economy companies.

When it comes to rewards, millennial travelers prefer to redeem their points for travel and experiences. So with the modern workforce in mind, TravelBank offers the best rewards, redeemable for services they are already using in their everyday lives.

Check out the TravelBank Rewards Store for a full list of partners and explore all the ways you can use your points! And, stay tuned for new additions to the store coming soon.

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