You Could Earn up to $10k as a TravelBank Referrer

This week, the TravelBank team is thrilled to launch our new TravelBank Referral Program! This industry-leading program is the first of its kind and pays out up to $10,000 for referrals.

Why a referral program?

Word of mouth is an important sales channel for us. Our current customers know and love our product best, and we want to be able to reward them when they refer other businesses to us.

Additionally, we have been collaborating with the rest of the TMC community a lot more this year and wanted to establish an open way to continue doing that. Most travel platforms lack expense management functionality but its clear customers need that financial visibility into where their spend is going right now. We structured the program so our fellow TMC industry professionals can refer customers to TravelBank for expenses only, to compliment the travel services they already deliver.

How does the referral program work?

If you know anyone who might need an intuitive travel and expense management platform, visit our referral page to let us know. The whole process is done in four simple steps:

What makes a good referral?

Qualified leads are typically senior level contacts in finance or accounting. Ideally, the company they work for is small to mid-sized, meaning 200-5000 employees, and based in the United States.The referral could be from your LinkedIn network, neighbor, old company, new company, or really anyone that you know that makes decisions regarding T&E.

If you have questions about the quality of your referral, submit their info and we’ll follow up with you before reaching out to them.

Why would they want to use TravelBank?

TravelBank has expanded its expense management offering to include powerful tools like a dashboard for corporate card management, custom reporting fields, and premium insights for more in-depth analytics. And when paired with our travel platform, TravelBank delivers an all-in-one solution that cannot be matched.