TravelBank Partners to Offer Expense, Budget and Corporate Travel Management

TravelBank is excited to partner with HireAthena to offer expense, budget, and corporate travel management to its customers.

High growth startups don’t typically have the access, resources or time to spend on expense management, so TravelBank is teaming up with other industry leaders, like HireAthena, to provide these companies with a free and simple solution.

TravelBank partners with HireAthena to provide travel and expense management

HireAthena works closely with startups and emerging companies to offer back office operations including accounting, HR services, fund administration, and people operations. Through this partnership with TravelBank, HireAthena now offers a streamlined travel and expense management solution that saves companies money and incentivizes employees to make better spending decisions.

TravelBank is an all-in-one modern travel, expense and rewards app for business, empowering companies with predictive budgets that guide spending on travel and a frictionless expense reporting and flight process for employees.

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