TravelBank Partners with Brex to Launch Corporate Travel Rewards Program for Startups

Mobile technology isn’t just shifting the way people book their business travel, it’s shifting the way they do business travel. Business travelers prefer to chat over a meal at a new restaurant instead of hosting meetings in a conference room, or to stay an extra day and enjoy the destination.

About half of business trips include a personal travel element, and the reality is that companies need a modern business travel program to fit the way their employees already travel and support them so they can focus on being the most productive that they can be on the road.

Simplifying the business travel experience, and making it an enjoyable and rewarding one, has always been our goal at TravelBank, making our travel rewards program with Brex, the first corporate card for startups, a natural and exciting partnership for us.

With this partnership, travel rewards and benefits are no longer exclusive to large companies. Now startups using Brex can book flights and hotels directly through the Brex platform powered by TravelBank.

announcing the brex travel platform for startups, powered by TravelBank

The platform and program are loaded with the benefits that TravelBank is already known for, including access to corporate rates typically withheld for large companies, incentives that encourage employees to make smarter decisions, and 24/7 support from our concierge team.

Brex and TravelBank bring corporate travel rewards program to startups

Administrative features provide founders and finance teams with highly valuable visibility into employees spend on business travel so they can make the most of their travel program and focus on efficiency and productivity.

As an additional benefit, customers booking travel on the TravelBank or Brex platforms with a Brex corporate card can earn an unprecedented 4x Brex Rewards points, including on flights, hotels, and Airbnb.

Want to learn more about how TravelBank can upgrade your business travel and expenses with features like travel policies, analytics, and expense report approvals?