Now Book Travel for Multiple Passengers at Once

Group Bookings on Web

With this latest release, all TravelBank users can book flights for up to 7 travelers at once on our web app. All travelers in the group booking are listed under the same record, making it easy to manage the booking, check in all travelers at the same time, and save on costs.

Once travel has been booked for an employee, it’s simple to book for them again, with traveler profile information such as frequent flyer and known traveler numbers saved to repopulate for the next trip.

When an employee submits a flight request for approval, managers will be able to see the names of all travelers in the flight before approving travel requests. After the request is approved and booked, admins can see all details of the bookings in analytics. Group bookings will also appear on mobile after the travel is requested.

Bookings screen for group bookings - book for up to 7 travelers at once

With this new release, we are also giving travel managers the power to choose whether travelers in the booking receive a confirmation email with or without costs, enabling them to add additional email addresses to the confirmation email, and offering an improved seat selection experience. It’s also easy for travel managers to delete traveler profiles for any travelers they will not be booking travel for in the future.

Other Recent Updates

24 Hour Flight Cancellation

Users can now cancel flights within 24 hours of booking directly on the mobile app. If for any reason, a more complex cancellation is required or the user would like to cancel outside of the 24 hour window, users will be directed to a chat with our travel agents to complete the cancellation.

Car Filters

Now it’s easier than ever to find the perfect ride for your business trip. When searching for car rentals on the TravelBank web app, filter by the rental agency or car type to find what you need even faster.

Basic Economy Flights

Basic economy and low-cost carrier flight inventory are now available in-app. We’re making this inventory available because we recognize that some organizations have price conscious users who frequently comparison shop and feel that they’re not seeing all available inventory in-app.

NGS flight bookings display with basic economy

To inform users of the restrictions that accompany basic economy and low-cost carrier fares, an in-app pop-up warning modal will display to users highlighting these restrictions any time one of these fares is selected. Please let us know if you’d like to opt-in to displaying this inventory to your TravelBank users.

Filter Hotel Results by Brand

We’re always looking for ways to continue improving the business travel booking experience. Recently we added more hotel search filters, allowing users to quickly find their preferred place to stay by filtering the hotel results by brand.

Total Hotel Budget Display

In an effort to provide more transparency, we’ve updated the hotel budget that displays during a lodging search to include all fees and taxes. Users now see exactly how much budget allowance we recommend per night, inclusive of fees and taxes, making it easy to stay within budget.

M life Rewards

Users who belong to the M life Rewards program can now earn M life Rewards points for qualifying stays at participating MGM Resorts booked through the TravelBank app.

Hotel Reporting in Local Currency

Hotel booking reports will now display the total cost of a hotel stay in the currency charged by the hotel.