In-App Cancelations, New Controls for Admin, Plus a Review of 2022 Releases

As the year comes to a close, we are so grateful for our customers and partners. Your collaboration, feedback, and loyalty continue to help us deliver the best possible experience for managing business travel, expenses, and cards on one intuitive end-to-end platform. 

This latest update includes several enhancements and new features like the ability to cancel any travel reservations within the app, view unused flight credits in Premium insights, and add multiple reimbursement bank accounts. See what’s new in the app, then continue scrolling for a look back at some major release milestones from this year.

New in This Release

In-App Booking Cancelations 

While it’s always disappointing when a business trip is canceled, the new in-app cancelation feature makes it a little easier to manage. Now travelers can cancel any reservations without agent assistance by viewing their trips on the TravelBank web app.

airline confirmation screenshot


Enhanced Trip Cards

Users can now find additional information about their trips without searching through emails. You can view all of your flight, hotel, and car details in the TravelBank web app, including the confirmation number and cancellation policy. 

hotel trip card


Unused Ticket Management for Flight Credits

Don’t let flight credits go to waste. All users can view their unused credits on their traveler profile and on the bookings page when searching for flights. Travelers can talk to an agent in-app to use their credits. Users with admin permissions are able to view all of their company’s unused flight credits in Premium Insights. Booking with flight credits helps your company use budget that would otherwise be lost.

flight credits


Premium Insights & Core Insights (Coming Early 2023)

With TravelBank’s continued investment in improving data accuracy and reliability, we have enhanced our analytics suite. Core Insights, previously “Analytics,” now has our most commonly requested dashboards and reports available on demand to all admin users of our Core Travel or Expense product.  In addition to the Booking dashboard and three reports (Flight, Hotel and Car Bookings), now have included six of the most popular reports: 

For those that need additional insights, our Premium Insights feature has 50+ in-depth reports, plus enhanced Travel and Expenses Dashboards. Premium Insights enables users to self create a custom report and provides access to all the data.


Reimbursement by Policy

Reimbursements just got more customizable. Admin users can now add multiple reimbursement bank accounts and assign different reimbursement schedules and bank accounts to the set of users under each policy. To enable this feature, please reach out to your customer success manager.

reimbursement by policy


Sort Approval Requests

It’s important to process travel requests in a timely manner to avoid fare increases. Admins and managers can now sort approval requests by type, allowing them to see time sensitive travel approvals above expense approvals.


Recap of This Year’s Product Feature Updates

expenses and cards illustration


Merging Expenses & Transactions

A new screen called “Expenses & Transactions” combined synced transactions and manually created expenses in one view so you can easily merge expenses and your receipts with card transactions. 

expenses & transactions screenshot


Preventing Duplicate Corporate Card Expenses

All non-reimbursable expenses must be merged with a corporate card transaction before submitting to prevent duplicates of non-reimbursable expenses. Error messages are displayed to guide users.

Expense Export Enhancements for Admin Users

Two new columns were added to the expense export report: Posted Date of Transaction and Sync Card, including last 4 digit identifier. Lesser-used columns were removed: Updated Date, Excluded Date, and Budget Category.

Add Comments to Expense Reports

Add comments to reports so employees know what edits are needed for their expense report to get approved. Comments trigger an email notification and are visible in the PDF reports and on expense export for transparency during auditing. 

report commenting


New Activity Label for Closed Expense Reports

Expense events that are charged on a corporate card will be labeled “Approved & Closed” in the expense report history when an expense report receives final approval and is no longer active.

Expense Export Enhancements

Admin users can select the type of report you’d like to export from a dropdown, including active reports, submitted reports, and approved reports.

Recover Deleted Expenses on Mobile

Employees can recover deleted expenses and those expenses will reappear on their running expense list.


Receipt Forwarding for Brex on Mobile

Users have the option to have all receipts automatically forwarded to Brex Expense Management.

Default Expense Payment Method in Expense Policy Settings

Admin users can now set the payment default method for policies tied to a corporate card so that field is automatically populated when employees are saving an expense.

Simplified Transaction Merging

When manually merging a transaction to an expense, TravelBank provides a list of potential matches, to help reduce errors and prevent positive and negative values from being merged.

Disable Expense Inputs for Corporate Card Transactions

When a corporate card is matched to an expense, the transaction amount, payment method, date, and merchant details are updated to match the transaction, and the employee is no longer able to edit those fields.

View and Retrieve Transactions Merged to an Expense

Employees can view a list of their merged transactions and click to see the expense each one is merged to in the Transaction History tab within My Cards for up to 60 days. Merged expenses are denoted with a link icon.

Multi-Select Expenses for Report Submission on iOS

Employees can now decide which expenses they want to submit by checking or unchecking expenses on their expense list.

Refund to Company Expenses

Employees can submit negative expenses to account for refunds, allowing your accounting team to track refunded transactions and expenses within the TravelBank dashboard for faster reconciliation.

Multipage Receipt Viewer

View all pages of a receipt without having to download the expense as a PDF. 

Enhanced Expense Report Navigation

Navigate between individual expenses within a report or click to return to the expense report main view.

Description Field and Customer Field

Organizations can make description and customer fields required, allowing admin to further customize their expense policies within TravelBank.


Travel illustration


Duty of Care with Travel Tracker

Admin can easily locate traveling employees with the Travel Tracker, which provides a full overview of all traveling employees any given day.

duty of care illustration


Download Booking Receipts

Traveling employees can now download their bookings receipts as a PDF.


Rent Cars from All Locations and Corporate Discounts for Rental Cars

Users can book rental cars at more locations. Search and filter by airport and non-airport locations. Results will also include a “company rate” tag if any corporate discounts are available.

non airport car rental


Enhanced Filtering on Car Rental Search

When searching for a rental car, filter by number of seats in the rental car and by price range or see exactly how far each pick-up and drop-off location is from your entered location. 

filters for cars


Year Added to Booking Displays

The year now displays alongside the month and day of your upcoming and past bookings so it’s easy to know exactly when your booking occurs. 

View Past Trips

Review the details of your past trips from the historical trip display.

past trips


management and security illustration page break


TravelBank Dashboard

The dashboard offers a home base for users navigating the TravelBank web app. View your latest transactions, upcoming trips, active expense reports, and more in one place. 



Keep Your Information Safe with Biometrics, Face ID, and Touch ID

Users can enable biometric authentication, utilizing Android Biometrics, Apple Face ID, or Touch ID for an additional layer of security when users log into the TravelBank mobile app. 

Face ID and biometrics


Find, and Manage Hosts & Delegates with Ease

New search functionality helps admin quickly find individuals and view or manage their host and delegate assignments. Gain access to our host and delegates list through reporting in Premium Insights.

Add Hosts & Delegates in Bulk

Add multiple hosts and delegates to your organization within TravelBank at one time by importing a CSV file.

manage delegates


General Ledger Syncing Status

If you run into an error with your general ledger syncing to TravelBank you can now easily find and resync the errors on your own in the “Reports” tab in Manage. New status tags identify which reports have pending, successful, or failed GL syncs. An email will also be sent to your organization’s finance team and any admins of the report to let them know of the sync failure.