A New Flight Booking Experience on TravelBank

Introducing the Next Generation Storefront, a new and industry-changing flight booking experience, on TravelBank.

As a frequent flyer, you’ve likely spent more than a few flights cramped in a tiny seat with hardly enough space to open your laptop, let alone feel rested for your meeting upon arrival.

Based on the newly unveiled Next Generation Storefront (NGS) under development by industry platform ATPCO, alongside airline industry leaders, TravelBank’s new display will deliver a richer and more informed shopping experience for business travelers.

The storefront allows users to quickly scan flight options across multiple fare classes, choose a flight, and select seat preference – all on one screen. The updated display also shows all flight inventory with the ATPCO Stars system, a new and innovative way to easily compare seat offerings and find the best fit.

TravelBank's New Storefront Display for Booking Flights

TravelBank's Next Generation Storefront Display for booking flights.

An Update to the Shopping Experience

Backed by data-driven guidelines that ATPCO is creating with the help of the industry, NGS will group like-type fare products in shopping displays, create data standards to consistently describe itinerary attributes, and institute a common stars system to align and group features of an airline product.

“The process of booking travel has changed over the last decade, from booking with travel agents over the phone to booking online with third parties or in-app. The way flights are purchased has evolved and now it’s time for the experience and the way information is displayed to catch up,” said Duke Chung, co-founder and CEO of TravelBank. “The launch of TravelBank’s new display, which was developed in collaboration with American, Delta, and United among other airlines, enables us to be a part of this forward moving change happening in the travel industry.”

Since being introduced in 2018, the New Generation Storefront initiative, pioneered by Routehappy, an acquisition of ATPCO, strives to deliver richer flight data allowing consumers to discover the best product for their specific trip and needs.

“We are excited to see TravelBank push past the status quo of travel booking. They are accelerating new customer retailing experiences based on NGS data. ATPCO is laser-focused on returning value to the industry on behalf of airlines, channels, and the consumer. We are moving quickly to develop this standard for the industry in conjunction with real-world implementations,” said Gianni Cataldo Head of Research and Development at ATPCO. We encourage all airlines and channels to work closely with us as we roll out NGS region-by-region.”

View All Fare Options

We’ve learned travelers want the flexibility to make the best flight purchase for both their company and their travel needs, so we’re providing them with the information to make that decision. While previously users would indicate their fare class preference within their profile, travelers can now view fare classes on all flights and upgrade to a better seat that’s still within their budget.


Not all airline seats are created equal. Knowing this, we teamed up with ATPCO and major airline partners to implement their six stars system that helps travelers compare airline seats easily. The Next Generation Storefront uses information you already value in making your selection and makes it accessible: ability to select seats, change boarding group, carry on baggage, and more.

Expanding the flight cards will show even more information on the flight and selected seat, such as the amount of legroom available, the type of seat, and whether wifi is available. Travelers can see these ratings on all flight search results and make the best choice for their trip by comparing seats at a glance or toggling between seat options to view detailed offerings.