13 Things We’re Thankful for This Thanksgiving

1. Getting to launch.

Admittedly our most exciting accomplishment to date came the morning that we all rolled out of bed much too early, after many sleepless nights, to watch our product go live. It was the culmination of 17,520+ hours working in stealth mode, three offsites, countless all-nighters and many office family dinners. We were so thankful to finally get to share in the excitement with our friends and families.


2. The team that got us here.

What originally started with three founders and three founding employees has grown to become a team of highly talented people who are passionate about building a great product. A handful of the team even relocated together from the east coast to the “best coast.” Needless to say, this group that feels more like a family than anything else made the hard work and long hours fun.

a group of people posing for a picture on a road.


3. Having a chance to make a better and smarter solution.

After years of working with and around enterprise businesses, one of our founders noticed that there’s a problem with business spend today. Expenses are unpredictable and sometimes excessive. It’s time to do something different and better, and we are so excited to build that solution.

4. Seeing it work for customers.

Not long after we onboarded one of our first teams on TravelBank, their financial manager came back to us saying her employees were spending 30% less on business travel and local expenses. We love seeing the power of benchmarking expenses against budgets in action.


5. The beta customers who were invaluable in their honest feedback and steadfast support.

We never could have made it to where we are today without our beta customers. Their input has always been so insightful and the support we receive from them is invaluable. They are a really important reminder of why we continue to work hard to create a better and smarter expense app.

6. The press coverage.

Since launch we have been humbled and beyond excited to to be featured by TechCrunch, Yahoo! Finance, tnooz and more.

7. Getting featured in the app store.

We had a real “pinch me” moment when we were featured in the App Store’s “New Apps We Love.”

a cell phone with the app on it.


8. Watching the signups roll in.

One of our engineers set up a Slack channel so we could keep an eye on signups. This quickly became the best distraction in the office.


9. All the Product Hunt upvotes.

It’s like a social network for all the coolest and latest products, so when we saw the upvotes and comments – some of the first feedback we got post-launch – we couldn’t help but pop a bottle of champagne and feel thankful for the support.

10. The love we’ve seen on social.

We are so happy and thankful for all the connections, likes, comments and shares we’ve seen across our newly public Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram pages. Thank you all who have shared in our joy online!

11. Everyone who came out to celebrate at our launch party.

To the friends that celebrated with us in person – some of whom traveled across the country to be with us after launch – a big hug and thank you. We had so much fun marking this milestone with the bang of a party.

a group of people standing next to each other.


12. Our growing team.

The best part is we are just getting started. We can’t wait to grow our team as we grow this product and have already hired three new positions since launch. There are even more opportunities waiting to be filled.

13. The office dogs.

Last but not least, we’re thankful for the fur balls we get to hang out with each day.

a dog laying on a table next to a bag.
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