TravelBank Named One of Best Companies for Remote Workers

It delights us to share that TravelBank has been named one of the best companies for remote workers according to Quartz’s 2021 ranking.

The shift to a distributed workforce certainly came with its growing pains as we adjusted to working from home during a global pandemic. While we missed the banter, collaboration, and perks that came with sharing an office space in San Francisco’s SOMA neighborhood, our team proactively focused on ways to improve the remote work experience for our team, and others.

A combination of our company culture and a business model pivot allowed us to join the group of pioneers who helped define what a positive work from home experience could look like.

At TravelBank, employees are empowered to own their work, communicate cross functionally, and ask for support when they need it. Our team feels like family, and acts like it too, when we do have the chance to gather. Over the past year and a half, we’ve kept that culture alive through virtual team building activities, performance reviews, clear policies, and transparent business planning.

TravelBank stepped up as a leader in the shift towards working from home in the early days of the pandemic. In April 2020, we launched work from home expense policies, allowing companies to create a custom expense policy within TravelBank to communicate to employees exactly what they could and could not expense to support their remote work. Additionally, we added dozens of exclusive deals to the TravelBank Marketplace to help our customers and their employees find the resources they needed to feel productive and healthy while they adjusted to working at home.

Of course, through all of this, we asked our own team to pilot the experience. TravelBank employees were given a monthly work from home budget to set up a home office, keep the fridge stocked, and make the transition smoother. As things progressed, employees have been allowed to continue expensing against their monthly budget or donate the funds to a charity of their choice.

We don’t believe that remote work is going away anytime soon, and as such have invested in making it a rewarding experience for our team. However we also look forward to getting the team back together for annual onsites and offsites as business travel resumes responsibly. We will use the time together to collaborate on high-value activities like yearly planning, and to fortify the teamwork and community we invest in daily from home.