Frequent Flyer Spotlight: Meet The Duo Behind The World Pursuit

Natasha Alden and Cameron Seagle are the adventurous duo behind The World Pursuit, and after giving up the traditional 9 to 5 in New York City, are more often found on fresh powdery slopes or chasing waterfalls than in a big city. Despite their preference for remote locations where the wifi may be spotty, this duo has found a way to work full time from anywhere.

What do you do for work? Is it your passion?

We are professional travel bloggers. It is 100% our passion. When we started our blog, the goal was to support our passion for travel. However, along the way, we discovered our voice and built a platform that allows us to pursue new passions.

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Hanging out with some of our best friends in Scotland. #Popular

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We specialize in adventure travel with practical advice. Our blog developed an audience by providing reliable travel information to unique destinations. It has always been about doing things differently and we’re looking to further that idea as we build a brand around sustainable travel and making the world a better place.

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Last week we posted a photo of some children making faces at Natasha. Truth be told she started making faces first and they had blast making faces at the crazy girl from the US. Grabbed this shot of her showing them their happy faces afterward. Lots of laughter and smiles to go around. 😄😄 #HashtagAfrica

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Do you travel often for work?

Running a travel blog means we travel full time. We rack on some serious miles on everything ranging from commercial flights to private bush planes, car rentals, and ferries.

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Behind the lens while staying at @wearewilderness Little Ruckomechi. The camp looks over this a wetland and is one of our favorite camp locations in all of Africa. #HashtagAfrica

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Our first business trip was our first collaboration with a tourism board. We traveled to the island of Hvar off the coast of Croatia. To this day, Hvar is still one of the most beautiful islands we’ve seen in our travels.

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Getting our adventure and Adrenaline on with @andadventure ! Here we are high above the town of Hvar for the very best views. 👍

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Saving vs Splurging

What are your best tips for saving money when you travel?

We’re pretty good at reducing wasteful spending, so we save money through smart money management strategies. We use travel rewards credit cards that have no foreign transaction fees and utilize low fee bank accounts.

What is always worth the splurge when you travel?

We definitely splurge more on business trips than on personal trips. We don’t waste business money, but find personal incidentals, like coffee, to be higher.

And we just made the upgrade to a rewards card with an annual fee of $525. However, it provides free access to airline lounges along with a bunch of other sweet perks. Worth it!

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Long layover in #LasVegas? Yes please! We both have never been to the Sin City so we were stoked when @travelbankhq invited us for a few days of fun in the desert. And yes, Vegas is really showing us its desert side with 110F temps. 🌵 😝 •• •• Tell us – have you guys traveled to Vegas? #TBAltitude #whathappensinvegas • •• •• Romper @prana 💁

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What do you always pack for a long haul flight?

Headphones, chapstick, a good book, and a water bottle.

What are three things in your suitcase you cannot live without?

Our camera, Macbook, face wash and lotion, yoga pants, and kindle. Sorry that’s more than three things!

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A good book and a beach is all we need. ⛱ Currently reading 📖 Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain. What's on your must read list this summer?

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What is the most ridiculous thing you pack in your luggage?

Natasha always packs a Kimono and 10 sports bras.

Tips for Working on the Road

Let’s hear your top tips for staying productive when you have to work on a trip.

We work all the time all the time on trips. Try to minimize having a drink with dinner, turn off the TV, and utilize your hotel room desk.

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Fresh air, gorgeous hotel, delicious drinks and loving life! 😀 • • Quito is the second highest capital city at an elevation of 2,850 meters or 9,350 ft high. A lot of people experience altitude sickness at this height so @casagangotena offers their own blend of agua de fresca. It's a blend of herbs, flowers, and juice to create a healthy and refreshing drink. It just may be one of the best things we've ever drank. Maybe it's why we never experienced any negative effects from the altitude! • • #twp_ecuador

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What else do you look for when booking a hotel for business travel?

Free and fast WiFi, in room coffee making facilities (not instant coffee), and free breakfast is always nice.

What is the best travel advice you’ve ever received, and who did it come from?

We made friends with a digital nomad while traveling in Morocco who shared with us the idea of slower travel. He would move cities every month and just stay at an Airbnb for the entire month while getting to know the place and working and making friends at the same time. We’ve tried to implement this same idea in cities like Cape Town, Belgrade, and Lagos but somehow our wanderlust gets in the way and then we jet set off again.

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Adios for now Ecuador! 🇪🇨 •• •• Typically when we travel we tend to stay longer in a country rather than rushing through it. As we've been on the road over three years we get really tired when we cram too much in on too little time. This means we are usually ready to leave a place and get on to the next destination when we are there for 20 or so days. •• •• This time we only had 10 days in Ecuador, much shorter than usual. It left us heading to the airport and wishing we could explore more which is a feeling we don't generally have. •• •• Thanks for showing us all your beauty – we can't wait to return! Tell us – how do you feel when you travel? Anywhere in particularly you were ready to leave or dying to stay longer?

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What destination are you saving up your frequent flyer miles for and why?

Bhutan because of its difficulty to reach and the fact the government has limited tourism to licensed operators only.

What do you always check out on every trip, no matter how busy the schedule?

We always have to head to a local coffee shop or brewery. If we’re lucky we’ll visit both.

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Hope everyone is enjoying their coffee and a good view this Sunday! •• We certainly were excited when we pulled up to grab a quick cup at a local restaurant and realized this was the view from their back deck. What was supposed to be quick turned into two hours of admiration of the Arenal Volcano. 🌋 😍

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Currently, what are your favorite accounts to follow for travel inspiration?

@chrisburkard or @jeremyjones

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