TB Community: Gerald

Meet Gerald, a Senior Client Success Manager at FiscalNote. Working with some of FiscalNote’s largest clients in the technology, education, and legal services space, he is typically traveling at least once a month. To date, he’s used TravelBank to budget for and expense 11 trips.

For starters, could you share a little background information on your work at FiscalNote?
My role involves largely working with clients to ensure their success through onboarding, constant value delivery, training, and renewal execution. Building personal relationships with many of our clients is one of the coolest part of being part of FiscalNote!

What does business travel look like for you?
Most of the time when I travel, it’s to meet a number of our clients in cities like San Francisco, New York, and Chicago. Other times, I’m attending industry conferences representing the company.

What is it like using TravelBank on the go?
In the midst of the trip, TravelBank is very easy and straightforward. Once the trip has been created and approved, snapping a quick picture and providing a quick description is really all you have to do.

What is your user experience for submitting expense reports?
User experience for expense reports is very straightforward. Once you’ve had all of your Trip expenses submitted and logged (with corresponding pictures of the receipts), you simply click “Submit Expenses.” As easy as that!

How do you use TravelBank for local expenses?
I will often invite clients out for lunch or dinner in town, so I will submit those receipts through Local Expenses. Other times, we will go out as a team to celebrate certain accomplishments or milestones, so I would cover a portion of those costs and expense them through TravelBank.

How has TravelBank improved business travel for you?
TravelBank has made it easier for me to organize my receipts and take pictures of them in real-time so I’m not scrambling last-minute to find receipts.

We are here for you.
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