Single Guys, Meet a Lady in a Lyft Line

Like many other people living in San Francisco, I request a rideshare each morning to get to work. It usually goes: request a ride, get paired with other passengers and sit back in silence as we each wait our turn to be dropped off at work.

It’s already a great deal considering the ride costs about the same as a cup of coffee and you’re paired with other riders along your route, keeping added travel times to a minimum.

Then one of our employees commented on how great Lyft Line has been for meeting people. Here’s what we’ve discovered works well.

First, get the conversation going with the driver’s bio. While you wait for the driver to arrive, Lyft serves up a few fun facts about the driver. It also shows a picture of any other riders you’re paired with. These features speak to the social nature of Lyft Line, but can also serve as the perfect ice breaker.

You can start the conversation with the driver. From there, if the other riders are feeling social you can keep it going with them.

When you are the first rider in the car, sit on the left side of the car, making it easier for the other passengers to get in and giving them the option to sit next to you in the back seat.

And last, stay off your phone. This sends the signal that you are engaged in something else. Conversely, though, take note if your fellow rider is on their phone. They may not be in a social mood or would prefer to get some work done. You can offer a simple, “how are you?” to gauge if they are interested in a conversation.

When you move to a new city and work long hours, it can be hard to meet people outside of the office. Whether it’s a chance to network, meet a new friend or share a romantic encounter with a stranger, Lyft Line just may be the new place to do it.

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