6 More Tips to Survive Holiday Flights

Airports become a hectic place between Thanksgiving and New 
Years Eve, and sometimes it truly feels like you are surviving your holiday flight, instead of enjoying it. Crowds turn out that haven’t stepped foot on a plane all year, let alone remember the TSA process. Add winter weather and flight delays on top of that, and it’s no wonder why it feels like we’re all in survival mode.

Last year we shared six tips for turning your holiday flights from stressful to relaxing, and this year we’re sharing six more so whether you’re making a last minute business trip or flying home to see family, you can up your travel game and arrive in good spirits.

Prepare to Work Offline

Instead of worrying whether the inflight wifi is going to work, prepare some offline work. Make a list of small tasks you can complete offline and download or save all the necessary resources in advance. Or you could even use the time to conduct a brainstorm, get some writing done or outline projects for the new year. This offline moment can provide the time and space to accomplish tasks that, during your normal busy days, you would get distracted or pulled away from.

Airplane window

Download a Podcast

Download a podcast before you head to the airport so you can get in some professional or personal development that you’ve been meaning to get to all year, or just listen to something fun. Not sure where to start? With nearly 600 episodes, B2B Growth has a little something for everyone from engineering your brand reputation to launching new offices. My Favorite Murder on the other hand is purely entertainment once the hosts get going about their favorite murder mysteries and somehow turn serial killer stories into comedic banter. Lastly, Planet Money will make an economy lesson feel like fun, and make you feel in the know about current economic affairs.

Try CLEAR and Fly Through Security

Fly past the long TSA lines this holiday season with a CLEAR membership. You can enroll for one online and pay an annual fee if you are a frequent flyer, but lately, I’ve been offered a free trial for my roundtrip flight after a quick signup process by one of the CLEAR representatives every time I’ve walked up to TSA. So if you luck out with this offer, it could pay off to give their service a try for your holiday flight and then decide if you want to keep the membership.

Get a Lounge Pass with Loungebuddy

Escape the mayhem at the airport and unlock lounge access with a lounge pass that you can use through the holidays and all next year. For ultimate flexibility no matter which terminal you’re flying through, try a service like Loungebuddy, which will provide a list of free or paid lounge options and let you book directly through their app.


Upgrade Your Seat and Get a Power Outlet

Have you ever noticed that it’s really hard to find a power outlet when you sit in the back half of the plane? Some airlines have made power outlets an amenity for first class, business class and premium or upgraded levels of economy, and limited the main cabin economy seats to a few shared outlets in select rows. If you are traveling for work, let the gate side agent know and ask (politely, of course) if there are any seats you could get moved to to ensure you have access to an outlet. It might just score you a free upgrade to a larger seat. Otherwise, check to see if your eligible to upgrade your seat with your airline miles. This way you can charge your devices, whether that’s for work or inflight entertainment.

Pamper Yourself with Some Holiday Cheer

After take off, sit back and relax with an inflight cocktail. For some holiday cheer, mix up a mini bottle of Irish whiskey with a cup of coffee, a few creamers, and sugar. Or create your own White Russian by pouring Baileys and creamer with some vodka over ice. If you want to get really fancy, check out these cocktail kits.

Now bon voyage and happy traveling this holiday season!