Make the Most of Your Next Business Trip

While it’s exciting to travel for work, flying to a new city only to work all week and never experience the place doesn’t sound very fun. No matter how jam-packed your schedule is, here are a few ways to get to know the city you’re visiting and actually enjoy it.

Walk to your meetings

Walking is a great way to get a feel for the pulse of the city. Alternatively, you could rent a bike or ride public transportation. Just make sure you scope out your route so you aren’t staring at Google maps and missing all the sights, and give yourself enough time to get to your meetings.

Stay in a fun part of town

And I don’t mean downtown, per say. Look for a cute little neighborhood that’s known for it’s bakeries, culture or happy hour spots. Staying beyond the typical “tourist hub” will give you a peek into what daily life looks like for locals, and it’s a bonus if you can roll out of bed and grab a delicious pastry down the block or stop at the local drinking hole for a drink on the way home.

Extend your trip

When your schedule is crazy busy, consider extending your trip. It makes for a cheap vacation when the flight is already bundled with your business trip and all you have to pick up is the tab for your extra days.

Plan your meetings around town

If you aren’t tethered to an office, see if your colleagues or clients won’t meet you for lunch at that restaurant you really want to try. Even better, they might have a recommendation for a place you shouldn’t miss.

Stay with a local

For some people, having a quiet hotel room to themselves is total bliss. If that’s not you, try booking an Airbnb with a local or staying with a friend. They can provide you with insider information about your new locale and will give amazing tips for experiencing the best their area has to offer.

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