Post-Pandemic Corporate Travel Trends from Our Survey with Skift

Skift and TravelBank recently surveyed 640 corporate travel and finance professionals on the permanent changes remote work has introduced for corporate travel programs and expense management strategies.  Here’s are the post-pandemic corporate travel trends we found…

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Post-Pandemic Corporate Travel Trends

It’s no surprise the post-pandemic workplace has created new considerations for travel planning, employee experiences, and expense reporting. In addition to the resurgence of traditional road warriors, remote working has ushered in a rise of infrequent travelers who are submitting more expenses than they have in the past, while having less experience and understanding of the process.

As these trends settle out, the outlook is positive for business travel in general and for employees who not only enjoy the productivity of working from home (at least occasionally) but also want the opportunity to travel and benefit from in-person interaction.

Permanent Effects on Travel and Finance Departments

Remote work has created new considerations for travel scheduling, booking, experiences, and expenses:

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Having the right technology to stitch all this together is essential. The Skift and TravelBank survey reflected this reality, as 71% of executives said that remote work has impacted their company’s software and technology purchases for corporate travel.


More specifically, the survey found that there is high interest in technology that supports remote working trends.