Where to Meet Clients When You’re on a Business Trip

Part of the fun of a business trip is getting to work from a new place, but when it’s time to entertain or host clients, you don’t have your usual conference rooms or staple coffee shops to turn to. On the road you want to pick a spot that is relaxed, but also professional, has (preferably free!) wifi, isn’t too dark, and is available when you need it. Here are the best places for entertaining clients on a work trip.

The Coffee Shop Meet Up

Coffee shops are a great choice when you are meeting a client for a casual chat. You can treat them to a cup of coffee and touch base in a space that’s convenient for both parties. The main considerations are going to be whether the coffee shop has wifi, noise levels and space.

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Temporary Co-Working Spaces

Sometimes you just need a quiet space filled with people working just as hard as you. A place that offers fewer distractions, fewer hiccups, and won’t make you feel guilty for not buying a cup of coffee or a pastry every few hours. Croissant is a great resource for finding co-working spaces when you’re traveling. Just look for spaces that allow guests.

A Dedicated Conference Room

If you are hosting a group of people for a dedicated meeting, a dedicated conference room will afford you all the amenities you need to conduct your meeting without a hitch. Book a meeting room in advance through a service like Croissant or Breather, and add some buffer time before hand so you can make sure the room is prepared before your clients arrive so you don’t keep them waiting. It’s always a nice touch to have coffee or a local snack on hand to offer attendees.

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A Conversation Over Drinks at the Hotel Bar

When you know your clients well, it’s always nice to meet for a conversation over drinks, and usually the hotel bar is not only convenient for you, but a well-known landmark. The happy hour meeting is also a great way to squeeze in extra client time when traveling to a conference and juggling a jam-packed schedule. It’s just important to make sure the venue isn’t too loud.

Dinner and Discussion

For the clients you are trying to woo, dinner is always a fun option. Plus, you can exclude these dinners from your budget as client entertainment, freeing up your trip budget for other things like extra legroom on your flight back.