9 Good Eats You Have to Try in Singapore

Some may argue that Singapore is one of the best places to eat in the world. Despite being a relatively small country, it has a bustling culinary scene, numerous Michelin stars to boast, and still offers amazing bites for every budget. On her business trip to Singapore, Dena from our travel partners team gave the local cuisine a taste test of her own. Here is a roundup of her favorite recommendations that you have to try on your visit to this island city-state.

Singapore food

Al-Jilani Restaurant

We found great Indian food near our hotel at a spot called Al-Jilani Restaurant. It was actually our third (!) dinner of the night because my husband has this rule when we travel. If a restaurant has a long line of locals, we get in that line. When we spotted the line at Al-Jilani we didn’t want to pass up trying the food, and as it turns out, it was the best chicken biryani I’ve ever had.

Singapore Al Jilani

Maxwell Food Centre

In Singapore you don’t always need to drop big money on Michelin star restaurants to get an amazing meal. For around $5, the food at Maxwell Food Centre is so good. While we were there, a long line was forming for a stand that wasn’t even open. So per my husband’s rule, I jumped in the mysterious line and asked the lady in line in front of me what we were waiting for. She told me it was the best roast duck, and sure enough when the stand finally opened, it was the BEST. ROAST. DUCK. You can also get amazing chicken rice at another stand in Maxwell Food Centre.

Singapore food stand
Singapore food stands

Chinatown Food Centre

If you like the food centre things, you should also check out the Chinatown Food Centre. While we were there we tried the fish head stew with spicy sauce. I definitely recommend it if you’re looking for local flavors.

Singapore Dena Food

Liao Fan Hawker Chan

Sticking with the cheap food theme, you know we had to find Singapore’s famous fast food place with a Michelin star! Liao Fan Hawker Chan started as a stall in the Chinatown Food Centre, and is known for its soy sauce chicken rice and roast pork. Put this on your list for dinner but remember it closes at 8 PM!

Singapore Food

Sentosa Island

For more Michelin star dining, take the cable car to Sentosa where they have 5 Michelin star restaurants (and a few fun attractions like the Trick Eye museum) on the island.

Sentosa Island

Jumbo Seafood

Singapore is known for chili crab. We had dinner one night at Jumbo Seafood, which serves up a very classic version of the dish with a chili sauce that is thick, sweet, and spicy. Fair warning: your meal can get messy, so this may not be the place to show off for a new client. And make sure you use the bib.

Singapore Jumbo Crab


Going in the opposite direction, this is a great place for a business lunch meeting. Spago is a classic and well-known spot, and there were lots of people dining and doing business when we visited for lunch. If you’re looking to grab drinks with a client, just be aware that across the board, liquor is very expensive in Singapore.

Singapore Bar

Indochine at Gardens by the Bay

Most visitors are sure to stop by the famous Gardens by the Bay. If you go at night, when the supertree grove is all lit up, check out this bar. While it does cost $40 per person to go up the elevator, the fee includes a drink. It is worth noting that this place is not handicap accessible. After the elevator, you take additional stairs to roof. On top though, you’ll find phenomenal views of the city with a relaxed jazz setting, and can even order light bites.

Singapore Dena

Kampong Glam Cafe

When exploring the colorful and vibrant Kampong Glam neighborhood, or checking out the Sultan Mosque, stop by Kampong Glam Cafe for lunch. They offer a variety of local foods in a great location. It tends to get crowded but the prices are good.

Singapore food atmosphere