Set The Bar for a New Year of Savings

Ready for 2017? Set the bar for travel expenses with these New Year’s decisions.

It’s that time of year when people start reflecting on the one coming to a close and setting goals for the future. The new year sits ahead like a blank slate and an opportunity to reset the focus on goals that may have been washed aside when life got in the way in 2016.

But here’s the thing. Life is probably going to get in the way in 2017, too.

The key to achieving New Year’s resolutions is to not set resolutions at all. Instead, make a decision. After all, decisions have a much bigger impact than goals (or resolutions).

Decide what needs to change and how to fix it. When it comes to your business travel expenses, here’s how we are here to help you set the bar for a new year of cost savings.

Set up a system for tracking travel and business expenses

As your business grows, so will your expenses. Since we already know you’re busy, the last thing you need to do is shuffle through a box of receipts to account for a year’s worth of expenses. TravelBank makes it easy to capture expenses and export them to excel, a PDF or sync with your general ledger.

Once you’ve decided your business needs a system in place to help track travel and business expenses, it’s easy to set up TravelBank and onboard your entire company.

Reduce spend on business travel

Maybe you already have a system in place for tracking your business travel expenses, but they are getting too high. You wouldn’t be alone. Business travel expenses are one of the most difficult operating expenses to control because there’s a lack of visibility.

But with TravelBank, you set the bar on trip spend with an accurate budget and incentivize saving. You can shape employee spending behavior and create an opportunity for better purchasing decisions which in turn reduces your company’s spend on business travel.

Increase employee satisfaction

It’s no secret that some expense tracking systems require a lot of work. TravelBank is a smarter, modern expense app. We work hard to make it easy and intuitive so your employees have a better experience.

The combination of our camera-first experience and credit card sync makes it easier than ever to track expenses on-the-go. And the best part is, all the time saved will help your company reduce additional spend.

Overhaul travel policies

TravelBank is the no-policy travel policy. Instead of attempting to tame all the variables in business travel, we focus on a single end goal: beat your overall budget. Since the budget is accurate, and the employee has the proper tools for tracking and incentives to come in under budget, everyone wins.

TravelBank is a modern, smarter expense app, powered by budgets. Download for free on iPhone and Android.

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